Sunday, February 28, 2010

But It's a Machine

I went to the softball field with Little A Saturday. We did the sign in, name tagging and spoke with the coaches and reassured Little A that she would do fine. We chatted with some moms and dads explaining that no, we weren’t the grandparents. We did in fact go thru this same process three other times starting 16 yrs ago. But thats another story. The coach was telling the kids to line up for batting skills assessments. Then , THERE IT WAS!!! A beam of light came from the heavens spotlighting it and I think I heard the Ah Ah Ah of angels. The pitching machine!!! I am prolly going to lose a few of you here but machines are my thing like Jimmy Choo’s for other folks. It was simple compact and prolly cheap to make which does not necessarily mean it was cheap. Every since I was a kid I have been amazed by the intricacies’ of machines. I have been blessed in my working years to be immersed in all kinds of equipment from autos to cameras to Zamboni’s. Well not Zambonis but it started with a Z plus how hard could it be? We took the kids to the circus and had great seats up close. While the kids watched the show I was lost in the ceiling looking at the rigging, It was quite amazing you know, Oh?? You didn’t notice? Anywho, as I was looking at the pitching machine a thought popped in my mind…. I can build one of those for Little A. The wife knowing that was coming rolled her eyes. Time to fire up the welder.

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