Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where's My Video Camera

Recently, my 7 year old, Little A has had a bout of bronchitis. She has been coughing and hacking for a couple days. She had laid down the other night to go to bed when she had such a coughing attack it made her nauseous and she ran to our bedroom. Why she passed the bathroom is beyond me. We were able to herd her back to the toilet before she lost it. I was holding her hair back while the wife stood at the door with a towel over her mouth and nose because she can’t handle it. My years in the rescue squad prepared me well. In the midst of gagging she asked me what time it was. I said 9:30, Why? She gagged a bit more then she said Americas Funniest Home Videos came on at 7. OK, I said, So ?? After a bit more gagging she announced she was done and would be fine now. Good. I was wiping her face of and she said it was on for 4 hrs. Yea?? So?? Was it still on? I don’t know, why? It’s Funny. Yea it is. Can I watch it now?? No. Why not? You have to go to bed. But I’m sick. You still have to go to bed. But I can’t sleep now. Get in bed. Dad!!! Now!! She slinks to bed mumbling how she never gets her way. Actually she is the baby and usually gets her way, a small point she forgets when she aint getting her way this time. I was wondering if she had this planned but my nose told me different. I wonder if that would have been worth $10,000?


Menopausal New Mom said...

Poor little thing. What a good dad you are to hold back her hair and wipe her little face, now if only she could have convinced you to let her stay up too!

Simply Suthern said...

Mom, As the baby she is the hardest to say no too. LOL

Simply Suthern said...

@New Mom, Yikes, Didnt mean to call you mom. LOL