Friday, January 11, 2013

May The Odds Be Forever In Your Flavor

I had to drive to south Charlotte the other day to meet my CPA to close out last years books.  It was lunch time when I got out of the meeting so I was checking out my choices. Then I saw the Burger King sign.
I remembered they had brought back the Angry Whopper so I decided to stop there. I have a sophisticated palette as you can tell. 

I went inside to order. I asked the lady for the Angry Whopper
and she said they were not serving that any more. She also said the lady in front of me had left because they didn't have it. I spose she took the "Have it your way" literally. The little "Hold the pickles hold the lettuce" jingle rang thru my mind but I was hungry and arguing wasn't going to fix nothing so I ordered the plain Whopper with fries and a soft drink.

She gave me a cup and I wandered over the the drink fountain to find one of the new Coca Cola Freestyle machines. You know the drink machine with over a 100 flavors?
I stuck my cup in to get ice and I waited and waited. No ice. I had the girl behind the counter fill my cup with ice and I returned to the drink machine. When it was my turn I selected the root beer and hit the fill button. Clear liquid then a click announced that the root beer was out. Over 100 flavors they claim. What are the odds?  Now I poured my watery ice out and went back to the counter for more ice. I went back and filled my cup with Coke. I put a lid on it and grabbed for the napkins. No freak'in napkins.

Soooooo, If you find yourself in Charlotte on South Tryon right at the 485 interchange and feeling a bit hungry you might think twice about stopping at Burger King or be prepared to "Have it some other Way"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Overheard At The Restaurant

Yea it's been a while. My first post of the New Year. I think it got out that I post these things so folks whisper around me. Makes ya paranoid if ya know what I mean.

Well the sis in law from Washington State came to town over the Holidays. She called the house wanting to meet at the fish camp in Monroe for dinner. We had a nice meal. I had the Captain's Seafood Platter with everything salt and peppered. Delicious!!!.

After dinner and after paying, Bro in law and I were outside waiting on the girls. We were standing over the koi pond speculating on whether we actully had flounder or koi for dinner when a lady came out with two little ones. They started looking at the koi as well. As mom was dragging them away the little girl hollared back at me, "Bye, Bob the Builder, Bye, Bob the Builder".

How she recognized me without my helmet I will never know.

I wish I had those talking tools.  "We can build it yes we can"