Friday, August 15, 2014

Mythical Creatures?

Yes, I doubt his existence, but then again, Bigfoot doesnt have any clear photos of me either.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Man On The Edge

Hi folks!!!

Just in case anyone was wondering I'm still breathing.

You might remember this post. OK, kinda irritating but cute.

Or this one. Again irritating but I can laugh it off.

Or this one. Not much you can really do about these guys so you just pick them off.

But now, They crossed the line. They really pissed me off.
My garden is littered with half chewed cucumber carcasses and squash necks with no bodies below it. There are tomato skins and half eaten maters on top of my fence post and littering my yard. They have eaten about 1/3 of my bounty.

So I got this.
Might have worked a bit but it has rained alot. Maybe if you sprayed it in their eyes.
We tried Cayenne Pepper sprinkled on the plants.
We tried Foil on the ground around the plants.

Now it is time for extreme measures.

So I got A new sign.

Things just got real folks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Guess It's Time To Go

Did you see the article online about the family's car that burst into flames while driving through the lion's enclosure at a zoo? You Can See it Here. Talk about a bad day.

Well that ain't nuth'in!!!
I was at a car dealership recently looking at cars and when I was leaving the transmission on my car went out leaving me stranded, surrounded by hungry salesman. Well maybe that ain't as bad but it was quite harrowing. I barely got away with just a limp.

Those of you that have followed me know I like to fix things and that includes my car. I was on track to reach 250,000 miles on it. When I reached 249,5000 I was pretty sure I would get there till I picked up some takeout one nite and she failed to pull away from a stoplight on my way home. A simple running the shifter through the range got her moving again.The next morning on my way to work the same thing happened and as before a shifter shift and I was off. At lunch I went car shopping. Now this wasn't on a whim. We had been looking for a while. Three years ago we replaced the wife's van saying if I could get one more year out of my car we would replace it. Well three years later here I am test driving cars and stuck in the lot.

I truly hated to do it, I recently replaced the brakes and completely disassembled the steering column to replace the turn signal unit, but Goldy just wasn't going to hang with me much longer. Sitting in traffic in Summer I had to run the AC to activate the external fans while running the internal blower on high with the heat on high to keep her from overheating and the windows down to keep me from overheating. She recently developed a crack in her radiator so I had to keep adding antifreeze. She had around 80,000 miles on her tires. The aforementioned tranny issues and the lights in the radio were failing. To top it off the CD player was hit and miss at best mess'in up my audio book time. She was a great car tho.

I did get her going again and visited the Toyota lot next door where I found a deal. OK, it wern't a deal or a bargain. And, I didn't like the color. I didn't even buy the car there but it gave me a bargaining chip.

I called another dealership and after 5 hrs of haggling we settled on a price and here I am. With Payments.

I hate I couldn't make my quarter million mile goal. I did get close. Yea, I gave up a 3/4 full tank of gas but I got a full tank to leave with.
Here she is driving away
Here she is still driving away. "Sniff, Sniff!!"
Good Bye Goldy

Here is what took her spot in the driveway. Starting at 11 miles on the odometer, On my way to another 250,000 miles.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Overheard On The Radio

My morning radio show was talking about this weekends TV choices.

The two highlights he hit were the "Walking Dead" and "The Winter Olympics". One he says is about a group of people trying to survive in an apocalytic type of world. The other one is about zombies.