Thursday, July 31, 2014

Man On The Edge

Hi folks!!!

Just in case anyone was wondering I'm still breathing.

You might remember this post. OK, kinda irritating but cute.

Or this one. Again irritating but I can laugh it off.

Or this one. Not much you can really do about these guys so you just pick them off.

But now, They crossed the line. They really pissed me off.
My garden is littered with half chewed cucumber carcasses and squash necks with no bodies below it. There are tomato skins and half eaten maters on top of my fence post and littering my yard. They have eaten about 1/3 of my bounty.

So I got this.
Might have worked a bit but it has rained alot. Maybe if you sprayed it in their eyes.
We tried Cayenne Pepper sprinkled on the plants.
We tried Foil on the ground around the plants.

Now it is time for extreme measures.

So I got A new sign.

Things just got real folks.