Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Weekend Was Shot To Pieces

SIL 2 called to say they were having family over Sunday for lunch and Skeet shooting. For lunch they were serving some gator and wild pig.

I’ve never had gator before and I hadn’t shot in several years so I grabbed my shotgun and we headed out to the sticks.

We arrived a bit late and there was already a crowd back in the field shooting. We had about 20 shooters total. The hubby of SIL 2 was tossing the clays while everyone else was shooting. My son won the first competition by hitting several in a row.

They would shoot a round and everyone would go into the field and retrieve the missed clays and we would start over again.

We went thru over 300 clays and several boxes of shells. We had 12, 20 and .410 gauge shotguns for folks of every size. The kids had a ball and did amazingly well.

Surprisingly enough I did pretty good as well considering how long it had been.

When the kids were done and back at the house the adults broke out the pistols. I had not brought mine so I shot my nephews Glock. I need to take mine next time. It fits my hand better than his did.

Over all we had a ball. I can’t wait to go back soon. I can do without the gator. It was tough to chew. The wild pig tenderloin on the other hand was delicious.

My shoulder is a bit tender but this was a welcome retreat from all the recent goings on.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Your Attitude Dude

Here is a little update on the BIL situation.

SIL went with BIL and MIL to the doctors on Tuesday.

She said the Doctor went off on BIL the second he walked in the door. She said he started with “You have an attitude problem”. He told him he had only one institution left he could go to for surgery. I can name another institution he could go to.

The doc told the BIL he had 3 things he had to work on. Number one is his attitude. The SIL said the doc beat that point home over and over. Number two was his diabetes. He has to eat better and take the meds he prescribed. Number three was he had to stop smoking. When the doc left the room to get some sample meds the BIL told MIL he would be glad to get out of here. When the doc got back he told BIL to work on those three things and come back in six weeks and he would reassess the situation.

MIL broke in to ask about his triple bypass surgery. Doc got a bit ticked and told her his attitude would kill him before his heart. He said work on his Attitude and smoking and come back in 3 weeks. SIL said the doc was pretty perturbed the whole time. I was just shocked he saw the BIL again.

SIL said it was embarrassing to sit in the room with them.

The BIL and MIL have since determined they are not going back to this doctor because he is mean. I’m sure he will be heartbroken.

Just a note: BIL is smoking. He is also driving against Dr. orders. Sounds like that attitude adjustment part of the equation is already out the window.

Monday, February 20, 2012

In The Movie I Wanna Be Played By George Clooney

I want to thank all you guys for your kind words of support and wisdom.

So here’s a little update.

Before bed last nite I unplugged the house phone. We had a quiet nite.

I spose I am lucky as I got to go to work 33 miles away.

I called at lunch to see if all was clear on the home front. My oldest answered that things wernt too good and that the wife and SIL had gone over to try to calm things down.

Seem that SIL #2’s hubby came over to finish her tile floor and said “I am going to try to finish this before you throw me out like you did everyone else”. Brilliant move.

Little note here: SIL #2 is a sweet lady but is kinda clueless. Her hubby is kinduva nice guy but kinduva jerk at times as well. You can guess which side showed up this morn.

Well MIL goes into hysterics , she don’t wanna live. She’s never going to eat again because everyone hates her. BIL comes out of his room throwing up his hands saying I don’t know what to do with her. The girls show up and she is inconsolable and starts to claim chest pain. It is one of her fave tools of late to garner some attention. She wanted to call EMS and the girls tried to just calm her down but she finally called the EMT’s. When they arrived they were filled in on the situation. They did a full checkup and everything was good. They were able to get her to take her meds and in a bit she had calmed down. She went to her room while the girls cleaned up down stairs. They finally came back to the house.

I took them out to dinner. We came home and they went back to check on her and to watch “The Bachelor” with her. They were instantly dismissed so they came home.

Oops theres the phone. It’s her. She wants to know why SIL aint staying there. Duh.

Amazingly enuff the BIL has an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon that did his artery. I would love to be there to hear that. SIL has agreed to go with them.

That’s all for the evening.

Y’all have a good evening.

And thanks again for the support.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alright Jerry Springer, Where are you???

Forgive me because as most of you know I don’t get real personal on here. I usually try to stay pretty light but this is going to be one of those therapeutic blogs where I just have to unload. Please forgive my writing style as I wrote this kinda quick.

Things have been tough on the in-law home front as of late.

In the past:

Mom in law: We have always gotten along. She constantly tells folks I am the best son in law ever. She had her quirks but things were pretty good.

Bro in law: I have known him longer than my wife. We used to bowl and drink and hunt and fish together . He still lives at home with mom.

MIL has kinda gone off the deep end. She has had medical issues. And is spose to be on meds. Instead she lies about taking her meds and calls us constantly about issues that would not be had she taken her meds. A man called a few months past saying he had found her uptown lost and crying. When we got there she threatened to run over me and bumped my leg with her bumper a couple times to prove the point. I kinda put that back in my mind as she was stressed. A couple weeks back she asked me to get her car inspected. When I didn’t get it home fast enough she threatened to call the cops. Since then I have had little contact with her which is difficult as she lives just around the corner. Recently she has had surgery and she does not respond well to pain meds nor Ambein as she goes into a weird psychosis. She has also started not to take no for an answer which has caused problems with my family.

BIL has a bad heart and diabetes. He smokes heavily also has the worst diet of anyone I know. Dr Pepper and Burger King, every meal. Only one male in his family has survived the first heart attack. He should be thankful. Sunday before last he was at work and had some chest pain. He drove himself to the hospital where they checked him out. When they checked his blood sugar it was 469. Yea 469. After stabilizing him they transported him the main hospital downtown to get a heart cath. They determined he needed a triple bypass. Tuesday morn at 1:30 AM my phone rings. “COME GET ME OUT OF HERE”. The wife tells him to calm down and get some rest. 5:30 comes around and the phone rings. Come get me. He had caused such a stink they escorted him out. So I went to get him.

Sis in law: everyone should have a sis in law like her. Exceedingly kind generous and smart. She was to fly into town for his surgery. She called to say if he weren’t having the surgery she wasn’t coming to town.

Thursday BIL has chest pains and MIL called to say she was taking him to the ER. He is admitted at the other Hospital. He is checked, admitted and they start prepping him for surgery on Monday. Sunday night they did a scan and determined his carotid arteries were too clogged to do the bypass so the scheduled him for the carotid surgery.

SIL flies in and stays with MIL. The war begins. MIL starts trashing everyone that hasn’t visited BIL prior to surgery telling them if they don’t come prior don’t bother coming at all. BIL has his surgery Thursday. There were some complications stitching his arteries due to his smoking so he is in ICU till Saturday.

In the meantime they tried to get her to come home to rest. She sees it as abandoning him and refuses to leave till she is exhausted. She finally comes home. She is home 1 hr when he starts calling demanding everyone go back to the hospital. They eventually go back and she stayed at home to rest. SIL is driving MIL car since she doesn’t have one. MIL wants I back, NOW. She threatens to call the cops on her. They come home and things escalate and she throws SIL out. SIL is staying with us.

Sunday BIL calls wanting clothes. He is leaving. Since he and MIL have alienated everyone else I go up to talk to him. Within a few minutes MIL shows up and he starts his I’m leaving thing again and gets out of bed and when she blocks the door he threatens to deck her. He later walks out the door and something happened out of eyesight with a hospital employee. Charges may stem from that yet. He was brought back to his room by security. Much talking was done to keep him there. I refused to take him home. The hospital was going to put him in a cab. His mom said he could not come home to her house. She said maybe he could come to my house since I take in strays. Finally he had pushed it too far. To save the hospital anymore headaches I finally agreed to take him home and she said she would let him in. He talked on the way home like nothing had happened. I aint lost my mind yet and will not forget this.

His complaint was no one was being reasonable.

The other SIL called and said MIL is claiming she brought him home and they stopped on the way home for dinner. HUH??

MIL called a bit ago and was wondering why SIL is not staying at her house. She does not recall throwing her out yesterday and claims she would never do that.

His and MIL actions have been tearing my household apart for the past 2 weeks. In our frustration we have been talking about it aloud and the little one broke down in tears. We gotta watch what we say around her.

Time has come to end this crap.

I left a lot of stuff out but this is the gist of it. It is crazy.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simply Cutting Up

My side business got really busy early last year so last spring I went shopping and added a new machine to my personal shop. I said new, odds are it is older than some of my readers but these machines typically last 30 -50 yrs.

If the Lilliputians had ratchet straps back in the day, Gulliver would still be tied to the beach.

I got a decent price but had to do a few repairs to get her up and running. I replaced the old 2 axis digital readout with a brand nicky new 3 axis readout. I also had to rewire the X-axis power feed. Since I fixed her up I have done a good bit of machining. Notice how she is holding her head up tall and proud.

Hopefully I will get a few good years of making chips.

Yes the chips are hot. And yea! It hurts like the dickens when the chips go down your shirt or land on your face or arms