Monday, February 20, 2012

In The Movie I Wanna Be Played By George Clooney

I want to thank all you guys for your kind words of support and wisdom.

So here’s a little update.

Before bed last nite I unplugged the house phone. We had a quiet nite.

I spose I am lucky as I got to go to work 33 miles away.

I called at lunch to see if all was clear on the home front. My oldest answered that things wernt too good and that the wife and SIL had gone over to try to calm things down.

Seem that SIL #2’s hubby came over to finish her tile floor and said “I am going to try to finish this before you throw me out like you did everyone else”. Brilliant move.

Little note here: SIL #2 is a sweet lady but is kinda clueless. Her hubby is kinduva nice guy but kinduva jerk at times as well. You can guess which side showed up this morn.

Well MIL goes into hysterics , she don’t wanna live. She’s never going to eat again because everyone hates her. BIL comes out of his room throwing up his hands saying I don’t know what to do with her. The girls show up and she is inconsolable and starts to claim chest pain. It is one of her fave tools of late to garner some attention. She wanted to call EMS and the girls tried to just calm her down but she finally called the EMT’s. When they arrived they were filled in on the situation. They did a full checkup and everything was good. They were able to get her to take her meds and in a bit she had calmed down. She went to her room while the girls cleaned up down stairs. They finally came back to the house.

I took them out to dinner. We came home and they went back to check on her and to watch “The Bachelor” with her. They were instantly dismissed so they came home.

Oops theres the phone. It’s her. She wants to know why SIL aint staying there. Duh.

Amazingly enuff the BIL has an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon that did his artery. I would love to be there to hear that. SIL has agreed to go with them.

That’s all for the evening.

Y’all have a good evening.

And thanks again for the support.


joanne said...

that's the great thing about blogging...there is always a ton of support coming your way when you need it. Lots of prayers for your situation and for hecks sake, turn the phone off more often! Have a good evening friend.

bunny said...

good...turn off the phone...but for god's sake...DO NOT turn off the

have a good on J.R


Ach du lieber said...

You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family.
Hang in there.

ipenka said...

Okay, not to make light of a situation but...comment by SIL#2's hubby WAS kinda funny.

Glad it has calmed down a bit and hope things pick up soon!

Simply Suthern said...

Ipenka, I agree it was funny and we have joked about it at the house but his timing sucked.

Actually alot of it is funny looking from the outside but when you are in the middle it gets rather annoying.

Jolene said...

Timing is everything when you tell a joke, but sometimes, you just have to laugh, because if you don't, insanity ensues :)

Hope the appointment goes well.

(Do you look anything like George Clooney??????)

Keep smiling.

Simply Suthern said...

Insanity has already ensued. We are hoping we can contain it inside that house. If it gets out who knows what will happen.

And sadly no, George dont look anything like me. But hopefully he will grow out of that phase.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Oh is a like fudge...sweet at times, but usually with a whole lotta nuts. *hugs and smiles*

Jolene said...

HA! I'm silently praying that he grows out of his awkward phase soon :D

Julianna said...

Just sell the rights to Jerry Springer. :)

I was thinking of you guys as I was out delivering the mail today... just keep unplugging the phone.

And hug your wife.

There's never enough hugging. :)

Pearl said...

Holy shit but you got a lot of stuff going on!

Julianna has said it best.

Hang in there, my friend.


Not So Simply Single said...

You crack me up....

Family dynamics always stress us out...

I am over the drama, I just don't live near any of my relatives...


So. Cal. Gal said...

I was just telling my guy tonight, "It's times like this that I'm glad I'm the youngest".

No one thinks I can handle the current family situation...and that's perfectly fine with me. lol!

I hope things calm down for you SOON.