Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Your Attitude Dude

Here is a little update on the BIL situation.

SIL went with BIL and MIL to the doctors on Tuesday.

She said the Doctor went off on BIL the second he walked in the door. She said he started with “You have an attitude problem”. He told him he had only one institution left he could go to for surgery. I can name another institution he could go to.

The doc told the BIL he had 3 things he had to work on. Number one is his attitude. The SIL said the doc beat that point home over and over. Number two was his diabetes. He has to eat better and take the meds he prescribed. Number three was he had to stop smoking. When the doc left the room to get some sample meds the BIL told MIL he would be glad to get out of here. When the doc got back he told BIL to work on those three things and come back in six weeks and he would reassess the situation.

MIL broke in to ask about his triple bypass surgery. Doc got a bit ticked and told her his attitude would kill him before his heart. He said work on his Attitude and smoking and come back in 3 weeks. SIL said the doc was pretty perturbed the whole time. I was just shocked he saw the BIL again.

SIL said it was embarrassing to sit in the room with them.

The BIL and MIL have since determined they are not going back to this doctor because he is mean. I’m sure he will be heartbroken.

Just a note: BIL is smoking. He is also driving against Dr. orders. Sounds like that attitude adjustment part of the equation is already out the window.


joanne said...

and won't bil be all surprised and up in arms when that attitude comes home to

bunny said...

The you know whats gonna hit the fan when BIL bites the dust...

just be's not gonna be pretty...

Stick close to home and hang with the family and create positive vibes.

peace out,

Jolene said...

Sigh... BIL and MIL enable each other. Poor SIL.
If he's not willing to put his health first, who will?

Simply Suthern said...

Poor SIL? She boarded a plane home for the west coast Friday. LOL

This can of worms is ours now. LOL

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Some people just don't appreciate help when they get it. He should be grateful he's made it so far with his lifestyle! I feel for you SS. Good luck and hang in there.

ipenka said...

Surprised, they usually say having an incident is a good wake-up call to change things.

Guess the BIL hit snooze on this extended lease on life. Rooting for his attitude to change!

Pearl said...

Some people can't be helped and don't WANT the help.

BIL might be one of those people!


Diane said...

I'm with Pearl...You just can't help some people, no matter how hard you try! Ugh.

Jolene said...

So SIL ran for the hills.
My one piece of advice – just outsmart her.
Join a witness protection program with your wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

We're dealing with a similar situation with my MIL. We just found out last October that she was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago and hadn't changed her habits. I hate myself for using my kids as currency in this situation, but I told her I couldn't let her watch them on Wednesdays until she made the effort to change; I can't be at work and have to worry that something's going to happen with her. I guess the threat of not seeing her only grandchildren was enough. I hope you all get some relief, and some change in this attitude. Good luck.

Crystal Pistol said...

At least the Doc validated your feelings about BIL. I'm sure it is miserable to deal with that guy. But just imagine how miserable he is being himself. I suppose you could just count your blessings you are you and not he. or it is him??

Good luck with that mess. Ick.

Julianna said...


Remember to take breaks and make time for your family.

And Nascar.


KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Sad. Sad. Sad.

BIL thinks it won't happen to him.

Add you guys to the prayer list, sound like you are in need of a few...

Mrsblogalot said...

I've always wanted to try Skeet shooting.

I am dying to yell PULL!!!

Worth the sore shoulder fer sur!!!! (-: