Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hidy Ho There Neighbor!!

I’ve seen other posts about this but I got my Suthern eyes opened a bit Friday.

Growing up in a small town, when walking or driving when you met someone you just waved and you said hi, hello, or howdy. Nuff said, and you went on your way. In line at a store you spoke, and chatted with folks behind you or the clerk. I don’t think it was expected as much as it was just what you did. If you didn’t you got talked about so I spose it was expected. Native old timers still do it but as time has passed fewer and fewer folks do it. In our neighborhood we wave and some folks wave back and others don’t. Jerk, is the first thought. They are from up north. Unfriendly is the verdict. Why else would they not speak?

I was on the phone with a vendor from Pennsylvania one day as I went thru a drive thru for a quick lunch. “Can I take your order please?” Yes ma’am, I said I ‘d like this and that. “That will be $Cha Ching” I drove around got the food, said thank you very much and hope you have a great day. The vendor asked “what was that”? What I ask? “Did you know her”? No, I was just being polite. He thought it was rather odd. “We’d never do that here”.

Friday at lunch I got a little lesson in international Politics. Our company is very diversified. Represented in the break room at lunch were Romania, Canada, India, the Philippines, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. Yes I did just put NC and PA in two different countries. I have my reasons. LOL Not only were they from different countries but have lived in various places in the US. More than I can say for myself.

The girl From Romania says it is not welcome. They don’t know you so why speak.

The Guy from Canada said it took him a while to get used to it.

The guy from India who is the friendliest guy you ever met said they don’t do it in India. I ask him why he does it and he said he was just adjusting to the area but when he is with his Indian friends they think it is odd.

The Pittsburgh guy joked about how rude everyone is there. Sad I think.

I think it is odd that folks move here and claim it is due to the hospitality and then feel offended when strangers speak. Aint that part of hospitality?

I do it everywhere I go. What’s your take? Is it too much?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where Did The Time Go??

Wow!! I can’t believe it but this is my 50th post. I never would have believed I would be posting anything online. Nevertheless 50 somethings. Where did the time go? More unbelievable is that some folks would actually read it. Thanks.

My first experience with blogging was when a friend gave me her blog address so I could see her new dog. I followed some of her links and then some others. I wanted to leave comments but thought if I was going to do it I should share something as well. So here I am.

I was surprised to see how it changes your thought process and how you think of everyday activites. I tend to look at things differently to see if it is blog worthy. Usually it ain’t but I write it anyway. For the first couple months I couldn’t sleep at night trying to think of what to write or writing a blog in my head while still half asleep.

I have met some really nice folks and while I don’t really know them I feel like I do. I enjoy reading their blogs and look forward to their comments. I get to share their up moments and their pain. Several blogs have made me look at things in a different way.

My blog is private, I think. I haven’t told anyone about it so I don’t think anyone I know reads it at least I hope not. Well unless the IT folks at work read it. Hi Guys!!

One of the things I thought I would do was use my blog to vent and rant. I am pretty laid back so I don’t unload often. There are things that lay on me pretty heavy that I thought I might lay out there once in a while just to get it off my chest but I don’t feel comfortable doing that quite yet.

I know my observations and experience are nothing new to those of you already blogging but I just wanted to share my thoughts about this new experience.

So to close, I want to thank each of you that read or follow my blog. I know my posts are a bit different from the ladies blogs. Hopefully you will get a laugh or an a-ha or something from some of them. I also want to thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your blog family and visit your posts each day. I look forward to getting to know all y’all a bit better.

Thank Ya Much

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And The Award Goes To….?

Saturday was fix it day at the house. I fixed the microwave, the lawnmower and the bathroom cabinet. In light of all the Award Shows going on, I thought I would spread the love to the working man’s friends. We will just focus on the morning project.

For replacing the turn table motor on the microwave, the nominees are…..

Black and Decker VSR 18 volt drill motor with Phillips tip

FedEx Delivery

Fluke Volt Meter

The Black and Decker quickly removed the bottom cover screws and then the motor. The fluke meter checked the voltage on the unit. The drill motor replaced the screws in the motor which was delivered by Fedex. The Black and Decker then replaced all the bottom cover screws. Upon closer review the Fedex delivery came in a UPS box. Tacky. Who does that? The Fluke meter was seen walking around with its battery door missing and it’s 9 volter hanging out. (9 volt, He wishes)

So the Handy Manny award goes to………

Black and Decker VSR 18 volt drill motor with Phillips tip

In his concession speech the Fluke meter complained that the Drill screwed his way to the prize. When ask about it Black and Decker just commented, “he’s such a tool.”

When things need fix'in I love it when I get to break out my tools.
What's you favorite tool/thing?

Monday, September 6, 2010

“I Love White Noise and I Can Not Lie”

I have worked in an R&D machine shop for years so things have never been quiet. Even then I turn up the tunes over the equipment. I crank up the radio when I drive and sing along. I have the TV on in my office when I work from home. I have the TV or radio on in my garage at home when I am working on the car or welding. I fall asleep with the TV on. I just like noise.

Recently one of the folks I follow wrote about turning off the noise and enjoying the silence. They made a good argument and it really made good sense so I thought I would give it a try. It has been a bit now and while I weren’t real strict about it I did try.

Turns out I don’t like me in the silence. If you have issues they tend to stream thru your idle mind as often as the previews to the new Hawaii 5-0. It also appears I have more issues than 30 yrs of Cosmo.

Soooo, I like noise. Luckily it aint hard to find. I crank up the country tunes so my inner demons don’t have a chance to surface. Sorry fellows, I just don’t wanna hear it right now.

How bout it? Do you prefer the quiet or a little white noise.