Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hidy Ho There Neighbor!!

I’ve seen other posts about this but I got my Suthern eyes opened a bit Friday.

Growing up in a small town, when walking or driving when you met someone you just waved and you said hi, hello, or howdy. Nuff said, and you went on your way. In line at a store you spoke, and chatted with folks behind you or the clerk. I don’t think it was expected as much as it was just what you did. If you didn’t you got talked about so I spose it was expected. Native old timers still do it but as time has passed fewer and fewer folks do it. In our neighborhood we wave and some folks wave back and others don’t. Jerk, is the first thought. They are from up north. Unfriendly is the verdict. Why else would they not speak?

I was on the phone with a vendor from Pennsylvania one day as I went thru a drive thru for a quick lunch. “Can I take your order please?” Yes ma’am, I said I ‘d like this and that. “That will be $Cha Ching” I drove around got the food, said thank you very much and hope you have a great day. The vendor asked “what was that”? What I ask? “Did you know her”? No, I was just being polite. He thought it was rather odd. “We’d never do that here”.

Friday at lunch I got a little lesson in international Politics. Our company is very diversified. Represented in the break room at lunch were Romania, Canada, India, the Philippines, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. Yes I did just put NC and PA in two different countries. I have my reasons. LOL Not only were they from different countries but have lived in various places in the US. More than I can say for myself.

The girl From Romania says it is not welcome. They don’t know you so why speak.

The Guy from Canada said it took him a while to get used to it.

The guy from India who is the friendliest guy you ever met said they don’t do it in India. I ask him why he does it and he said he was just adjusting to the area but when he is with his Indian friends they think it is odd.

The Pittsburgh guy joked about how rude everyone is there. Sad I think.

I think it is odd that folks move here and claim it is due to the hospitality and then feel offended when strangers speak. Aint that part of hospitality?

I do it everywhere I go. What’s your take? Is it too much?


My Aimless Infatuation said...

I do it,I've always done it and always will! It's sad that it is a dying thing,why do people think being friendly somehow makes us different? I believe a kind word can brighten a person's day,it sure has mine many times.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I do it, but then again I live in a small town. I find myself not doing it so much in the city where I work because when you do, you are snubbed. I certainly think it's a regional thing.

yogurt said...

the truth is the most i would do when i stumble someone new in my neighbourhood i would just exchange smile thats all.

Simply Suthern said...

I do realize my little control group was small. It is a fun group to hang out with tho. I am also realizing that it's mostly culture and not that they are trying to be unfriendly. I learn and grow everyday. However I do still love that small town feel.

Anonymous said...

I always talk to strangers in check out lines, carry on a conversation with the teller, say hi to people passing by. It's nice, polite and, honestly, such an ingrained habit that I don't think I could ever get rid of it.

When I go visit my sister up north I always feel like they're rude. I know they're not but they sure aren't real friendly.

bunny said...

I'd talk to a telephone line if I could without getting hauled away. My husband, daughter and myself have always greeted people with a smile or a "hey"...It makes them and more importantly, it makes me feel good.
It's like were all connected. Sometimes people are just so caught up in life, they forget that life begins with other people.


JBrown31 said...

I live in Nova Scotia and we're know for our friendliness here. We go out of our way to be polite and care about our neighbors. Sure there are always exceptions to the rule, but the norm on the East Coast is to treat everyone like family.

Pearl said...

I've been known to smile at people for no good reason.

You'd fit right in in Mpls. :-)


Simply Suthern said...

Thanks guys. I knew I had friendly friends on here. Maybe if everyone blogged they would be happier or is it you blog cause you are happy. Which came first?

Donna said...

I love talking to people, I love shocking people...because when we are kind to people they are shocked. Even when I call people to talk about their kids and I would only do that to praise them, they get their back up and start to defend, and then realize I am only there to cheer for their kids....and then they are relieved..
You keep being nice, it's just Yankees that don't get it