Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RaNDOM with Little a

Little A is my 8 year old. She is in 3rd grade but when you talk to her you can tell she has much older siblings that need to watch what they say around her. We have to constantly tell her that some things she has said were not appropriate. Every kid has said funny things. Here are some of her latest random things.

She and I went to breakfast the other day and she told me she needed to get a job and a boyfriend like her big sis’s.

She wants to know if she can have the minivan when she gets her license. We will see haow that goes when she gets older.

Big A was discussing a patient at work(She works in labor and delivery as a Surg Tech) that was force feeding the baby and Little A said, where is she at, someone oughta Jack Slap her. Where did that come from??

She told me she was writing in her journal and wanted to know how to spell “Total Drama”. It starts so early.

She has a friend that was afraid of the Tooth Fairy. When they lost a tooth they put it under their pillow on their bed and they slept downstairs on the couch. Even she thought that was a bit odd.

She held a Saturday tea party with the wife and me. I was in shorts and a sleeveless tee but had to wear a tie. She looked funny trying to hold her cup with the Pinky sticking out. That’s how you do it she informed us.

I told her she needed to get all her crap out of the middle of the floor. She informed me that she was not supposed to hear the word crap. This was the day after the Jack Slap comment.

She wanted to know why we named her an A name. I told her it was because the older 3 were A’s so we felt kinda obligated. She said we should have named her Courtney, Gwen, Penny, Jade or Kat.

She’s always a treat to listen to.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

LOL! She sounds refreshing. I love the Jack Slap and Total Drama comments. I can SO relate...

bunny said...

An 8 year old with drama....as you know, the drama only intensifies with age. First of all I am impressed that just you and her went to breakfast and that she's open enough and comfortable enough to speak her mind with you...but having a tea party?....well that's just over the top and I wish you would have taken pics...lol

Little a sounds charming and precocious.


Pearl said...

Children are a delight, aren't they?

Sounds like a smart girl. You're gonna want to keep an extra sharp eye on this one. :-D