Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day two. We met at 6:30 this morn to head to the shop. It was a pretty good day. At the end of 12 hours I was ready for some quiet and some dinner. Ya dont always get what ya want.

We assembled the scanner first and got down to business pulling some scans. This shop is huge. I would post a pic of it but they dont allow pics. They have turbines everywhere that are being serviced or being reconditioned. They have 3 stories underground for testing. A guy across the isle was cleanining a turbine with compressed air. If you have ever been in a tire shop you know how loud air can be.

Here is a pic of the turbine and the scanner I built. We could shoot pics of our stuff. The turbine is about 30 ft long and 12 ft high.

When we came to a stopping point we headed to the Hotel. When we arrived there was am old car cruise at the Hardees adjacent to the hotel parking lot. They had a DJ and he was sooooo loud. I love old cars but after today I hated noise more. After getting cleaned up we headed back to the Steel Horse grille for dinner. Again the food was fabulous but things were different tonight.

We failed to notice the sign hawking $125 for the best costume. They should have listed Having the worlds loudest band. I love good country music and the band wernt bad but at the end of the day sometimes ya can only handle so much volume. I felt a bit out of place sitting there in street clothes amongst Alice in Wonderland and The half nekkid chick but all I had for a costume would have been my hardhat and some climbing gear. They were having a ball but once again we have to get ready for another early morn.

I hope to be out of here by 2 tomorrow and head to PA.
Time for bed.


bunny said...

Too bad you couldn't have taken that piece of machinery in with for the contest. Sit it up right, blacken your front tooth and voila'....
a Stanly Cup

can you tell my husband is a hockey fanatic? Can't wait for day #3.


Karen said...

You built that? Very handy man you are.

I've got some projects for you, come visit.