Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rah Rah Ree, Kick'em in the Knee, Rah Rah Rass,

We take Credit Cards and Cash.

Well,  Little A starts middle school this year. Sixth grade, Wow, time has gone by so fast. She recently had to have her shots and get a physical for sports. The nurse confirmed what I already knew but the wife denied, she is officially taller than her now.

Little A decided she wanted to go out for school Cheerleading. She went to a two day cheer camp during the summer and had a three day try out this week.

Thursday night she found out she made it, Friday morning we found out I may need a third job.

An email arrived congratulating her on her accomplishment with a schedule for uniform fitting and practice and a list of things she we will need to purchase. Monday only, cash or credit card. Then another list of fees that you can make payments on. In all fairness we knew it wern't going to be a cheap endevour. This aint our first Cheer'odeo, College girl cheered there too.  But WOW, things have changed(it's been ten years), I whined about it then too.

While no one item was really expensive(except maybe the shoes) the list is long.

Realllly long.

I do brakes, water pumps, oil changes, welding and appliances repair. I take Cheer bucks and pompoms.

Oh, could I interest you in an Entertainment Coupon book good for places around here only.

We are very proud of her.
Gooooooooo Team!!!