Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not so Simple

Hey y’all.

While I have been trying to keep up with those I follow, I haven’t had a lot of time lately to write and for many of you maybe it was a blessing. LOL

At my real job I have had to concentrate on finish building my scanner for an upcoming nuke plant inspection next month. My time got squeezed a bit with my traveling jobs and building a retirement gift for my old boss so it has been balls to the wall the past couple weeks. I am happy to say it is done and it “Looks Mahvalous”. It actually appears to work too so that’s always a plus.

During all that I picked up a couple side jobs which are about 32 hours a piece at night. Throw in bro in laws truck breaking down so I had to help him with that when I should be in my shop and closing the books for the year for my personal company and it all adds up to a bit of stress.

But that wernt enuff. During the cold weather I had no heat in my car so I had to replace the thermostat(not as easy as one might think) and then to top it all off last Friday someone in California hacked Walmarts credit card site and proceeded to clean out my checking and savings accounts.

I know many folks face much worse on a daily basis so I aint really complaining. I finished my work, I got my books closed, my toes are warm and toasty on my drive to work and I got all my money back from someone,so all is well.

All in all it has been an interesting month.

Ever had one of your accounts hacked?? It was a bit unsettling

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm BUY Polar

I spec out and purchase most of the tooling and equipment at work. If a power plant has an emergency shutdown we have to be able to respond quickly. Because what we use has to work, I tend to buy premium tooling and supplies. It’s a pretty simple chore and I have no trouble.

Fast forward to personal life. I’m standing in the air tool aisle in Northern Tool. I ask for one thing this Christmas, an air impact wrench for faster removal of lug nuts on the wheels of the cars when I am servicing them. I didn’t get it because the wife didn’t know which one to get. Big A brought her car over for me to change the oil and asked me to rotate her tires while I was at it. I thought cool, I'll go get the Air Wrench myself. Well, they have 12 models priced from $39.95 to $299.95, 230 ft lbs to 600 ft lbs of torque and 4 different brands.

Air Impact Wrench. Yea I know y'all are drooling too!!

I read info and price tags for about 45 minutes and after being overcome by Option Paralysis I Simply walked out empty handed.

Do you have problems making purchase decisions?