Saturday, May 15, 2010

From the Attic to the Yard

Pig stuff??
Pig stuff, I collect it, Ya got any?? Ya know pig salt and pepper shakers, pig plates, ceramic pigs, pig toys, Pi..…
Yea, Yea, I got it? No, we had some plastic pigs in a Lego Set but we sold them to a lady earlier.
Was she about this tall and trashy looking? She always beats me to the good stuff. You know which way she headed??
Uh, no, I didn’t watch, sorry.
That all you have?
Uh yea, well there’s my son. If you seen his room you would think he was a pig.
She looks at me like I’m crazy.
That's a nice car is it for sale?
Uh, No it's my car.
How much for this frame?
50 cents
Will ya take a quarter?
Her hubby pulls a huge roll of bills out of his overalls and peels out a note.
Can ya break a ten?
Nah, just take it.
Yard sales, Gotta love’m.
We lived on the main drag in a tiny town. We had a huge front yard and friends would ask if they could hold their yard sale in our yard. We never minded. It was a chance to unload some of our stuff, and then end up buying stuff of theirs we had our eyes on for years. Plus, we had to buy some junk cause we were running out of our own things to sell. I got a deal on a microwave. It was broke but it was only $5. I took it to work and found a bad resistor in it. It became the shop microwave for 15 yrs.
The wife and I argued over whether to sell her stereo or not. Why don’t you sell yours she asks? Well mine don’t work. I need to fix it… When BOOM. A friend coming down the road in his 4X4 truck, angles it and jumps the ditch. He had a load of stuff he wanted to sell.
It was always a big deal. One morning Michael Jordan stopped by on the way to his parent’s house. Well he didn’t actually stop. He had to slow down due to the people parked all over the road. Can’t believe he didn’t stop tho. I know he was temped. Hard to pass up that 70’s sectional sofa or the entertainment center made of only the finest in particleboard construction.
Yard saler’s are hard core. One morning we woke at 5:30 to the sound of voices in the carport. Deer in the headlights look when I flipped the lights on. “Early bird gets the worm was their reply” kinda grinning as they saw the 45 in their face. Better move on folks.
Then the next weekend you would drive by another yard sale and see your stuff for sale there and you wonder, did I really want to sell that in the first place. I still had the spot open in the garage for it and it was at a good price.

The circle of life.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Better Marriage Blanket

It appears there is a new product on the market to save marriages. I can see where it might have some promise.

What other uses can you think of for this fabric?

Would you buy it??