Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

You dread the call. I've gotten it a couple times before but you are never really ready. "Daddy, I've been in a wreck, can you come quick?"

I got that call yesterday as I was returning from lunch. Thankfully the wife had already called and I was well on my way to the accident site speeding along, only hitting the high spots in the road. She assured me she was OK, I told her I would be there as soon as I could. She was sitting in the back of the ambulance with the Paramedic with ice on her wrist when I arrived. Tears let loose as soon as she saw me. "Daddy my car is torn up".

We took her to the hospital. She had X-rays and an exam. She has airbag burns on her arms, seat belt burns on her neck and sore hands and knees. She is fine but will be sore for a couple days. We do not know about the guy that pulled in front of her. She T-boned him and sent him down a small embankment into the woods. They carried him downtown in and ambulance but I dont think they were running the sirens. Hopefully he will be OK.

This is my Baby's Baby. It gave up its all and airbag to protect my oldest. Thank you Mazda/Volvo.

Thank you folks that stopped. Two nurses and Lucy Ricardo stopped to help along with witnesses that said he just pulled in front of her. It was a 55 zone but she was slowing due to an approaching light. The impact was about 50 mph. Lucy showed up first asking if she was OK. My daughter stated she thought she was ok but was having trouble breathing due to the (Immediately Lucy starts screaming "She Cant Breathe, Come help she says she cant Breathe!!") air bag smoke. My daughter said that made her laugh. The nurses then showed up and things calmed down a bit.

Thank you Officers, Firemen and Paramedics for your swift arrival and caring service. They had to pry her door open and deal with heavy traffic in 95 degree heat.

Thank you Police department for only charging me $2 for the accident report. Grrr.

Thank you Mr. Paper truck man for going slow enough I could pass you. Please dont call the cops.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Nickname Is Born

When you work with a bunch of guys in the field you have to be careful what you say. They love to take something and run with it.

I was on day shift in St Louis and was telling the other two techs about my flight and getting a face full of stewardess hip. Then one of the other techs told how he sat in the aisle seat and had a male passenger straddle his shoulder as they loaded the plane. In his deep Tennessee draw he told in great detail how the guy "parked his junk on my shoulder in my face". He said he poked him in his gut and told him to git his ____sack off him. He got all spun up and his voice cracked a bit as he said he thinks the guy knew what he was doing. We couldn't help laughing as he told his story in his most serious face.

The other tech instantly dubbed him "Sacks". He'll answer to it, but it aint nicely.

I was fortunate I think, In the field I got stuck with "J Lo"

Any of y'all got nicknames?