Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

You dread the call. I've gotten it a couple times before but you are never really ready. "Daddy, I've been in a wreck, can you come quick?"

I got that call yesterday as I was returning from lunch. Thankfully the wife had already called and I was well on my way to the accident site speeding along, only hitting the high spots in the road. She assured me she was OK, I told her I would be there as soon as I could. She was sitting in the back of the ambulance with the Paramedic with ice on her wrist when I arrived. Tears let loose as soon as she saw me. "Daddy my car is torn up".

We took her to the hospital. She had X-rays and an exam. She has airbag burns on her arms, seat belt burns on her neck and sore hands and knees. She is fine but will be sore for a couple days. We do not know about the guy that pulled in front of her. She T-boned him and sent him down a small embankment into the woods. They carried him downtown in and ambulance but I dont think they were running the sirens. Hopefully he will be OK.

This is my Baby's Baby. It gave up its all and airbag to protect my oldest. Thank you Mazda/Volvo.

Thank you folks that stopped. Two nurses and Lucy Ricardo stopped to help along with witnesses that said he just pulled in front of her. It was a 55 zone but she was slowing due to an approaching light. The impact was about 50 mph. Lucy showed up first asking if she was OK. My daughter stated she thought she was ok but was having trouble breathing due to the (Immediately Lucy starts screaming "She Cant Breathe, Come help she says she cant Breathe!!") air bag smoke. My daughter said that made her laugh. The nurses then showed up and things calmed down a bit.

Thank you Officers, Firemen and Paramedics for your swift arrival and caring service. They had to pry her door open and deal with heavy traffic in 95 degree heat.

Thank you Police department for only charging me $2 for the accident report. Grrr.

Thank you Mr. Paper truck man for going slow enough I could pass you. Please dont call the cops.


bunny said...

OH NO!!! That's awful! Yes, the dreaded call that I too don't wanna hear. Thank goodness she's alright, kinda and that you have witnesses.
Lucy Ricardo? Really? Is her car fixable? Poor baby....


My Aimless Infatuation said...

These are the moments that we hold our breath and pray aren't they? So glad to hear your daughter is ok,hate she had to go thru this. When I first started reading your post I was afraid of the ending. After reading,I was thankful that she had an angel on her shoulder,as surely she did.

ipenka said...

Hi, first comment here (been a lurker till now) but enjoy your blog.

Very glad to hear your daughter is okay. Hope things work out with the other guy as well!

Val said...

I am so very sorry to hear this, yet I'm very relieved to hear that your daughter is okay. My thoughts and prayers will be with you guys and I hope the other party is okay as well.

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

These situations are never fun and enough to cause stress of heart-attack proportions. Glad your girl is okay.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Oh No, I'm so sorry, but glad that everything is okay - with your daughter and you (of course). My thoughts are definitely with you guys

Julianna said...


That God she's OK.

Almost Hubs niece had an accident last summer. She was fine, but there was NOTHING left to the front of her car. It made the front page of the paper.

Still gives me chills.

Kiss your girl extra from all of us in the Bog o' sphere. :)

Donna said...

I am so sorry, but so relieved!! What a great post, you wrote it beautifully...please tell your daughter that your blogger friends are so thankful that she is ok....we are close, even though we are far apart, right?

So. Cal. Gal said...

Thank goodness your daughter is ok! And if the other guy is ok, I hope he's learned his lesson that you don't pull out in front of another vehicle.

Pearl said...

Oh, no!!! I am so glad she's going to be okay, Simply. I've only partially imagined getting this kind of call and can't/don't want to go further. All my best to you.


jojo said...

Stopping by from Bunny's place...had one of those phone calls once from my daughter, she was 800 miles from home at the time. Oh, the horror that goes through your mind. She was fine. I'm so glad to hear your girl will be o.k. too. take care y'all.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad she's okay. That is definitely one of the scariest calls to get. I got that one from son three times and my oldest daughter three times. I probably never should have allowed them to get a drivers license. The youngest may be a walker for the rest of her life.

JennyMac said...

WOW...I am so glad this did not have a worse outcome. Big hug to you and your family and thanking God your daughter is safe.

2 dollars for the accident report? WOW cheapskate police dept. Yikes.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

OH MY GOSH! That will make your heart stop in a flash!

I'm glad she is ok! Just gives me chills to read this.

The good Lord was watchin out for All!