Saturday, October 16, 2010

It Went By So Fast

Today the wife and I are celebrating 28 yrs of marriage. It's been a pretty good run so far. We are going to celebrate quietly. Maybe a movie tonite after dinner. She has been hankering for some Carraba's. We went to the Rennasaince Festival last weekend. I'll have pics of that later.

They say a gift you made is special so I built her a brand nicky new computer with lots of bells and whistles. Now she can facebook with style and plow that Farmville garden in a jiffy without fear of locking up. If she could just figger out how to get the pics from her camera to the computer I would be a happy man.

Of coures it wernt a total surprise. Hers died last week and she has seen all the parts in my office the last couple days while I built it. I know I know you aint spose to give a gift that plugs in. I solved that. When I gave it to her I didnt have the cord attached. I wernt born yesterday ya know.

Gotta go, I'm making French Toast for breakfast. She loves that foreign food.


My Aimless Infatuation said...

Happy Anniversary!!!And many more.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

LOL! Happy Anniversary to the both of you and here's to many more. BTW - I love gifts that plug in, as long as I'm not expected to clean with them.

bunny said...

Happy Anniversary you twos. I also told my hubby to NEVER buy me anything that's electric...unless I say so...and I haven't yet. Renaissance Fair? French Toast? No wonder you've been married so

Be fun!


Anonymous said...

I cook and Joe does the dishes and it's perfect!

I once told him: "Never buy me flowers. What I want is for you to stop by a road, step over the ditch, and pick me one that caught your eye"

So far, he stopped buying flowers...but he's never picked me one either. Where did I go wrong.

Pearl said...

Well happy anniversary, Simply!


Donna said...

congratulations! Nothing better than looking back on a life with someone to share the memories with. Give your sweetie a hug from me!

Anonymous said...

A very happy anniversary!

I'll bet that french toast was yummy - especially since you made it for her!

I always enjoy going to the Renaissance Festivals.

Mrsblogalot said...

You are one smart cookie- gift giver!! I hope you had a great anniversary and I hope nobody got sick from all the foreign food (-: