Sunday, September 12, 2010

And The Award Goes To….?

Saturday was fix it day at the house. I fixed the microwave, the lawnmower and the bathroom cabinet. In light of all the Award Shows going on, I thought I would spread the love to the working man’s friends. We will just focus on the morning project.

For replacing the turn table motor on the microwave, the nominees are…..

Black and Decker VSR 18 volt drill motor with Phillips tip

FedEx Delivery

Fluke Volt Meter

The Black and Decker quickly removed the bottom cover screws and then the motor. The fluke meter checked the voltage on the unit. The drill motor replaced the screws in the motor which was delivered by Fedex. The Black and Decker then replaced all the bottom cover screws. Upon closer review the Fedex delivery came in a UPS box. Tacky. Who does that? The Fluke meter was seen walking around with its battery door missing and it’s 9 volter hanging out. (9 volt, He wishes)

So the Handy Manny award goes to………

Black and Decker VSR 18 volt drill motor with Phillips tip

In his concession speech the Fluke meter complained that the Drill screwed his way to the prize. When ask about it Black and Decker just commented, “he’s such a tool.”

When things need fix'in I love it when I get to break out my tools.
What's you favorite tool/thing?


Menopausal New Mom said...

This totally cracked me up Lol!

If I had known the tool awards were on, I would have switched the channel.

My favorite tool is probably my husband Lol!

bunny said...

...a butter knife...seriously, it works wonders.


My Aimless Infatuation said...

Great post there Buddy. I guess,like Bunny,my favorite has always been a butter knife too. My son complained so much about the bent knives that he bought me a tool set last Christmas,lol.

KimSetser said...

I would say screwdriver but they made me throw up once. All my tools are my favorite. I dare my husband to touch them!

Simply Suthern said...

I've got a tool box full of all kinds of tools and one whole drawer dedicated to screwdrivers. My wife goes straight to the butter knives as well. Grrrr.

@ Kim, Hopefully Hubby has his own tools.

Anonymous said...

It was my Wagner steamer. I'm now moving onto a can of spray paint and then I anticipate sand paper. I am nothing if not exciting.