Monday, September 6, 2010

“I Love White Noise and I Can Not Lie”

I have worked in an R&D machine shop for years so things have never been quiet. Even then I turn up the tunes over the equipment. I crank up the radio when I drive and sing along. I have the TV on in my office when I work from home. I have the TV or radio on in my garage at home when I am working on the car or welding. I fall asleep with the TV on. I just like noise.

Recently one of the folks I follow wrote about turning off the noise and enjoying the silence. They made a good argument and it really made good sense so I thought I would give it a try. It has been a bit now and while I weren’t real strict about it I did try.

Turns out I don’t like me in the silence. If you have issues they tend to stream thru your idle mind as often as the previews to the new Hawaii 5-0. It also appears I have more issues than 30 yrs of Cosmo.

Soooo, I like noise. Luckily it aint hard to find. I crank up the country tunes so my inner demons don’t have a chance to surface. Sorry fellows, I just don’t wanna hear it right now.

How bout it? Do you prefer the quiet or a little white noise.


Simply Suthern said...

UPDATE!! Since I posted last nite the post was stuck in my head. Between sleep and sanity I heard, "If you have so many issues why dont you see a shrink?" Which was quickly answered by "That's the stupidist thing I ever heard"

Crank up the jam.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

I'm with you and my music is MY shrink! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I have people talking to me all day long. When I come from work I want the silence.

Of course, when I come home from work I'm generally ready to stangle someone.

I like the quiet. But on the weekends I like the music.

Donna said...

White noise is my favorite color!! I go to sleep to the tv, I write with the tv on, I listen in my car...I am an only child, I can't stand to be alone!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

LOL! I love peace and quiet, but don't get much of it anymore. I was an only child, lived in the country, didn't have close neighbors, my parents worked, so I had a lot of time to spend with just myself and my thoughts. I realize I'm messed up too, but I miss those days.

bunny said...

I like peace and quiet with music on.
Does that make sense? I think what I'm sayin' is that I like being by myself for long periods of time and then....BAM! I need an outlet...lots of people, lots of talking and lots of everything else...and no, I'm not


Mrsblogalot said...

LOL @ more issues than 30 yrs of Cosmo!!!!

Too much quiet would definitely drive me insane! (-: