Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Overheard At The Restaurant

Yea it's been a while. My first post of the New Year. I think it got out that I post these things so folks whisper around me. Makes ya paranoid if ya know what I mean.

Well the sis in law from Washington State came to town over the Holidays. She called the house wanting to meet at the fish camp in Monroe for dinner. We had a nice meal. I had the Captain's Seafood Platter with everything salt and peppered. Delicious!!!.

After dinner and after paying, Bro in law and I were outside waiting on the girls. We were standing over the koi pond speculating on whether we actully had flounder or koi for dinner when a lady came out with two little ones. They started looking at the koi as well. As mom was dragging them away the little girl hollared back at me, "Bye, Bob the Builder, Bye, Bob the Builder".

How she recognized me without my helmet I will never know.

I wish I had those talking tools.  "We can build it yes we can"


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Too cute and welcome back!

Diane said...

Hilarious. You should change your profile pic on here to Bob the Builder so we won't have to guess what you look like! :D

Juli said...

My Dad's name is Bob... and he's a builder. You have no idea how many years we rode that pony for gifts at Christmas time and for his birthday. :)

And for the record, he would also love those tools... they do all the work.

bunny said...

Glad your back...though you might of went

I love a man with metal toe shoes...loland btw, your BIL and SIL should have paid for dinner...I'm Just Sayin'


Beatriz said...

LOL! How cute! Kids say the cutest things.

Val said...


Kids. :)

Not So Simply Single said...

So much reading to do to catch up!