Friday, January 11, 2013

May The Odds Be Forever In Your Flavor

I had to drive to south Charlotte the other day to meet my CPA to close out last years books.  It was lunch time when I got out of the meeting so I was checking out my choices. Then I saw the Burger King sign.
I remembered they had brought back the Angry Whopper so I decided to stop there. I have a sophisticated palette as you can tell. 

I went inside to order. I asked the lady for the Angry Whopper
and she said they were not serving that any more. She also said the lady in front of me had left because they didn't have it. I spose she took the "Have it your way" literally. The little "Hold the pickles hold the lettuce" jingle rang thru my mind but I was hungry and arguing wasn't going to fix nothing so I ordered the plain Whopper with fries and a soft drink.

She gave me a cup and I wandered over the the drink fountain to find one of the new Coca Cola Freestyle machines. You know the drink machine with over a 100 flavors?
I stuck my cup in to get ice and I waited and waited. No ice. I had the girl behind the counter fill my cup with ice and I returned to the drink machine. When it was my turn I selected the root beer and hit the fill button. Clear liquid then a click announced that the root beer was out. Over 100 flavors they claim. What are the odds?  Now I poured my watery ice out and went back to the counter for more ice. I went back and filled my cup with Coke. I put a lid on it and grabbed for the napkins. No freak'in napkins.

Soooooo, If you find yourself in Charlotte on South Tryon right at the 485 interchange and feeling a bit hungry you might think twice about stopping at Burger King or be prepared to "Have it some other Way"


Diane said...

I don't even know what an Angry Whopper is but it sounds kinda scary!

I've only come upon one of those fancy drink machines once, last August when we went to help my stepdaughter move into her dorm at Chapel Hill. I'm sure I looked like "country gone to town" when I looked at sideways for five minutes before getting up the nerve to stick my cup in there.

Beatriz said...

It's never your way, believe me I worked at a fast food joint. 100 flavors? Unbelievable!

Jolene said...


Sometimes it's just not your day.

Oh, and happy new year, btw.

Bye, bye Bob the Builder ;)

Simply Suthern said...

Jolene, Happy New Years to you as well.

Yea, sometimes you take what you can get.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Over 100 flavors at the drink machine??? And you chose the only one that was empty lol!!!??? I hope you plan to take your own advice and pass on the Burger King next time.

I'm a Harvey's girl myself (do you even have that in the USA???)

Thanks for the laugh and advice :)

Maria said...

The first time I saw that coke machine was in a movie theater. I stood there, bewildered by all those flavors. Did I want the diet strawberry Fanta? The diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper? Or...what? I can't remember what I got but I do remember thinking that it didn't taste right. The movie, I recall, was Life of Pi and when we walked out and everyone was saying, "Oh, of COURSE! It all makes sense at the end!" I thought to myself that I truly had no idea what the hell they were talking about.

Simply Suthern said...


I am not so adventurous as to add flavors to the classics. Maybe a bit of cherry occasionally.

I was tempted to see Life of Pi. Was it not good?

Not So Simply Single said...

I have missed you in my life, you sweet southern man!

ipenka said...

Been bit MIA myself but glad to hear you're back.

Recently found out something interesting - you know why the "water" thing is always a small tab underneath square on Soda Machines?

It's a part of the agreement with Coke to advertise their drinks. Water can't take up a space one of the brand drinks could be on. Literally, written into the contract. Craziness right?