Thursday, April 11, 2013

I See The Light !!!

Like most cars nowadays my new daughter in law's car has the plastic lens covers over the headlights. 

And like most all the others they have oxided and turned milky, limiting the lights at night.

But never fear, There is Hope.

Recently when the weather was nice I thought I would address the problem.

A little water, elbow grease, and a handy kit from Walmart and Voila!!!
Good as new!!

The photos do not really show how bad they were nor how clear they turned out.
I have used this same product before on our previous Dodge Caravan with the same results. 

It's quick, about an hour overall.

There may be better stuff available but this has the best results of what I have

 personally seen used.
Dont buy the stuff that just wipes on. It doesnt address the oxiding issue. This kit includes two grits of ultra fine sand paper to wet sand the surface. As you start to wet sand the water turns yellow like the pollen in Spring because of the oxide coming off. It also comes with a polishing compound to polish it as well as a sealant that makes them look new. As a precaution, I used blue paint tape to mask around the headlight to protect the paint from the sand paper.
Have fun. Drive Brighter.


Juli said...

I had no idea there even was such a product. Now to find someone's *cough, cough, Tony's* car to try it on. :)

Beatriz said...

I saw a pin on interest for a homemade version of that kit but don't know how well it would work. Glad to see you back :)

bunny said...

Although, clear headlights are an important issue, I'd like to hear what you "over heard" lately or some other kind of important stuff....