Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Does She Still Have a Chance??

My oldest daughter, who her mom calls the ice queen, announced that she did not want to be alone and stuck single forever like her cousin. She wrote on her Facebook page that she wished her car would go out of control and run over one of the roadside Valentines vendors displays that sprung up on every corner this year. Wow!! LOL
Tell me does she still have time to find the right guy?

Poor thing is already 23, her older cousin 26. LOL


carissajaded said...

I have the same problem. Some days it comes so easy. I write and don't even think about what comes out of my fingers... other days I'm like Ummmmmm... hmmmmm... sooooo...

But either way it's become an addiction the last few months. I loves it!

Chrissy said...

She better find someone quick or she'll be me someday. Of course it's fun to add up the points for every roadside vendor I run over.