Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Humor In Wal-Mart

My dog was scratching her ears and whimpering so I took her to the vet. They gave me a prescription for an ear infection and told me to bring her back in a week and a half. I took her back and they said I needed a human strength antibiotic and gave me another prescription to get filled. It weren’t cheap so I called around and found the best price at Wal-Mart. They were busy so I waited in line for my turn. When it was my turn I gave the assistant the prescription and she began with the questions.
Her: Patients name?
Me: Shelby
Her: Last name?
Me: She don’t have one she’s my dog. The prescription is from the vet.
She never looks up.
Her: I'll Use your last name. Patients birth date?
Me: I don’t know she’s a dog.
Her: Patients age?
Me: People years or dog years?
Her: People years.
Me: About nine.
Her: Filing Insurance?
Me: No she’s a dog.
Her: Your prescription should be ready in about 30 min.
Me: I am going to shop, just page me when it’s ready.
Her: We can’t do that, HIPAA privacy rules prevent us from paging.
Me: I am sure Shelby hasn’t signed a HIPPA form and won’t mind if you page.
Her: I can’t do that, do you have a HIPAA form on File here?
Me: No, I don’t usually get my prescriptions here.
Her: You will have to sign one to get the meds.
All the time the girl hardly looks up despite my best efforts to at least get one grin she never seemed one bit amused. At least the folks in line behind me got a chuckle. Best of all the meds took care of the ear infection.


Chrissy said...

What kind of dog? I have a beagle and she gets ear infections all the time. The BEST thing to buy is Zymox, Otic Enymatic Solution. Do a search on Amazon. It's like $8.00 and it works like a charm! No prescription necessary so no HIPPA form. :-)

Simply Suthern said...

@ Chrissy, Shelby is mostly black lab with a curled chow tail. Her desire is to be a 75 lb lap dog. She is more child than dog. She has had a lot of ear infections. I wash her ears out pretty often per the vet but she still gets them. Thanks so much for the meds info. That will be my quest for the week. We have a local feed and farm supply up the street that sells vaccination supplies and I bet they carry that as well. Once again TY very much.

Simply Suthern said...

@ Chrissy, BTW I've seen Bernie in your slides. I love the "what can I have you do for me next eyes".

Chrissy said...

Shelby sounds beautiful. My mom used to have a Chow named Ruthie. She was a terror.

I'm sure it will work for her ears. If you can't find it at the store, you'll need to buy it online.

And yes, that's exactly the look Bernie gives me. I'm such a sucker.