Thursday, February 18, 2010


It’s 5:00 AM. I am laying in bed semi-alert. My first conscious thought?? “What am I going to write in my blog today?” Whaaaat!!! Why am I worrying about that now?? This has been the routine since I started my blog. This is when my creative juices flow and supposed to be my design time. Writing is not my craft as I (and maybe you)have discovered. It looked easy enough in the beginning. In the past I would take a design challenge to bed and more often than not wake up with a sunrise solution. Blog dreams have not been as productive. I have ideas and thoughts but they never come out clear or interesting. I have felt like the comic, crashing and burning on stage. But so far no hecklers or tomatoes. TY TY Very much, LOL

I had never even read a blog till a couple months ago. Since then I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others. For many of you, writing is a real gift. Your funny or serious insights to life are written so crisp and refreshing. While you guys use the keyboard and mouse as creative tools to weave words and ideas, the blog is your palate. I use the computer to create models and drawings. Then I move to the milling machine to bring them to life. Metals and plastics are my medium. I assemble the parts to create a useful tool much like a writer creates their message to the masses. Machines are my Thing, Blogs?? Ehhh Not so much. But it gives me and outlet when I have something to say and I think I am addicted.
It’s 3:30 AM. My mind clicks on. “What am I going to write in my blog today?” Sheesh!! Here we go again.


Pearl said...

It's frightening how often I wonder "what will I write about today". :-) Kinda takes things over, don't it?!


Welcome to the blogosphere, baby!


JennyMac said...

Welcome to Blogville..and why not post pics of something you created through your mediums of choice? Would love to see some of your designs.

Chrissy said...

Just enjoy it. Don't feel pressured to post "just because". No one's keeping score. :-)

Simply Suthern said...

Thank you ladies for the welcome.