Sunday, February 7, 2010

Down Home Saturday Morn

I have a small machine shop in a building at my parents place. I picked up a bit of side work this week. I called over to my parents to let them know I would be coming over Saturday morn and to ask dad to turn the shop heat on. Mom asked if I would like to have breakfast there while the shop warmed up and I said Oh Yeah!!. If I made breakfast it would be a Poptart. Mom was raised in the mountains so no Poptarts there. I walked in and dad was doing his morning Sudoku puzzle and mom was over the stove. Dad laughingly annouced they knew I wouldnt be late for breakfast. Mom had made bisciuts, scrabbled eggs and country ham. To top everything she had made sausage gravy. There was jelly and some molasses a cousin from the mountains had made. I had a little of everything, and a lot of some. Mom was excited to do it. She can never do enough for ya. We chatted about the week and doctors appointments and the grandkids. She kidded about dad going to the shop with me and hindering, which he usually does but we always enjoy the time. Breakfast prolly knocked a few days off the end of my life but made the present a lot more pleasant.


Chrissy said...

Tell Mom I'm coming for breakfast tomorrow!

Simply Suthern said...

@ Chrissy, She'd love to have ya, Feed ya till you are full, Then put your arse to work. She's tricky like that.