Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Turkeys Gone, Here Comes The Trees

Well, all in all, things turned out pretty good. All six of us sat down together and had an early Thanksgiving lunch. 30 minutes later Big A was out the door to head to work. 10 minutes after that the boy was gone to the girlfriends family get together.

After a turkey induced nap we headed over to my parents for a little visit and to see my grandmother.

I stayed home with the little one Friday while the wife and two oldest girls headed out for the sales. I could feel my wallet shrink as I sat in my office and worked on some drawings.

I went out today to pick up a few presents. The stores really wernt that bad. Tonite we finished the leftovers. Thank goodness. I like turkey but one can only stand so much. We pulled the trees down from the attic and set them up. I spose tomorrow after lunch we will decorate them. That aint my favorite thing but they are nice when they are done. I am a bit envious of some of the neighbors with the gumption to leave their lights set up all year. Maybe I should invent prelit guttering.

I hope all y'all had Wonderful Thanksgivings. I look forward to reading about them.


J.J. in L.A. said...

My mom didn't want to cook because of the leftovers. I can only stand so much and I'm not a big fan of turkey to begin with. My sister's family is drowning in the leftovers this year.

bunny said...

You don't wanna know...OK, I'll tell ya. My Thanksgiving AND birthday stunk! Eric came down with the flu and nurse bunny opted to stay home with him...I really didn't want to (yeah, I'm a bad wife) but I felt kinda bad leaving him...he was really sick. Raquel drove herself to bro in laws (that's where the family met) and I couldn't get anyone to come a hang out with me.
Was givin' a care package from leftovers, been eating that for 2 days and now....he's better and I'm going with a friend and daughter and her beau to San Juan Capistrano to shop and breath.Don't feel like decorating...I have cabin fever and I need to break out...
Glad you had a good one...and a good nap

Whew!! I feel better


Pearl said...

The tree went up yesterday. Holy Hannah, let the holidays roll!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

I won't be putting the tree up until next weekend and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Eeek! Where did the month of November go?