Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Simply Stuff

I am beat. Yes again. I would have posted last nite but I left my laptop bag in the work trailer. The long days are wearing on me. I aint used to this stuff. In the same breath I have had a ball. I have had a few issue with the new machine but have been able to trouble shoot and git-r-Done.

It is cold and dry and my fingers are splitting and sore. All my muscles are sore or have just refused to move. LOL

I think I get to leave tomorrow. We have to do a sweep of all the points we tested. There are always missed points.

I spent the last two days in the penthouse. It is the little room at the top of the boiler. It has the upper headers and I needed to take samples there. It is 116 steps up then climb down 15 rungs of a ladder. You crawl across an inclined edge to crawl into a 18 x 24 hole. It 4 foot tall room and the floor is pipe and the breeze blew thru. It is hard to explain and I didnt take pics cause I didnt want to carry anything else up but it is rather unpleasant. That said it was a great experience because I make equipment for the guys and I have a better appreciation for what they go thru.

Here are the pic of the day.

Here is the plant. It is a gas fired unit coupled with a HRSG. It is very efficient.

This is another view of the cooling towers. Hour glass figures aren't just for the Nukes anymore.

Here are the facilities. Granted they did a great job keeping them clean but couldnt we have heated seats??? It was 25 this morn. Let's just say I had visions of the Christmas Story, tongue on the frozen flagpole scene in my mind.

I am going to miss being on this trip. It was great for blogging. Well for me anyways. Hope y'all found something to enjoy.


bunny said...

Sounds like you've accomplished lots...except making your wife

NOW...go home...we believe you, your

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'm not envious of those facilities....brrr....

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Great photo's,hard showers are great for those achy muscles.....Now,on to the good stuff,I must have missed something(cause according to one comment,you have made your wife mad)so.........."What have you done young man?."lol

J.J. in L.A. said...

"to crawl into a 18 x 24 hole"

That would scare the crap out of me! lol! And I love A Christmas Story!

Pearl said...

I can't believe the kind of work you do!

And 25 degrees? Yep. As we say in Minnesota, "It's gettin' there, isn't it?"


Anonymous said...

At 25 degrees the schools close and the city shuts down. That's here, anyway.

Nothing worse than a cold potty. Just sayin'.

Donna said...

what do you do? tell me what the equipment does....