Sunday, November 14, 2010

She Moved Now I Can’t

My daughter moved yesterday. Again. I’ve moved like 5 times in my life including as a kid. She’s moved 6 or so times in the past 6 years. I rolled out of bed in pain this morn my knees ,back, and fingers hurt. Heck I hurt all over. My only relief? She has a 1 year lease. At least that is what her roommate offered up for consolation. At my age one year aint that long.

I should have known something was awry when they showed up with a 26 foot truck. We loaded my daughters stuff up in about 30 mins. It took up about 4 foot of space. She didn’t mention we were swinging by roomies old place to get her stuff too. OH my goodness, the girl has got stuff. We pretty much filled the rest of the truck. BTW, Roomy weren’t feeling good so she didn’t do much aside from deal with the cable guy.

I wanna take a moment here to ask. Can girls not live on the bottom floor? They both lived on the second floor. Well that aint so bad coming down. Let do the math. 2nd floor plus 2nd floor must mean we gotta move to the 4th floor. Are you kidding me?

I am so stupid. When she asked if the wife and I could help her move we couldn’t come up with a good excuse. Then the little one came down with flu like symptoms Friday and the wife volunteered to stay at home with her. Her friends that were coming to help with the moved called to say they would be late because they had to take their dog to vet to get its anal gland squeezed. What?? I gotta get me a new excuse book.


J.J. in L.A. said...

I have an excellent excuse. It's called a wheelchair. : P

KimSetser said...

How many people does it take to squeeze an anal gland? LMAGO

bunny said...

Got suckered by girls again huh?
Anyways, got a feelin' you'd do just about anything for your just like to gripe about it...some even blog about it...LMAO!!


Pearl said...

I feel ya. I can't tell you how many times I've helped people move. I'm a good little mover, too. Hey, if we've got a job to do, then I suggest we do it. I do not understand people who stand by waiting for boxes to move themselves.

Oh, and why do women live on the second floor? So they can have their windows open and not fear freaks crawling in...


Mrsblogalot said...

I've moved so many times my bones hurt just thinking about it. We all need a good excuse sometimes (-;

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!(-:

Bev said...

If she's moved 6 times in the past 6 years, why don't you already have a list of excuses posted by the phone?

Oh, and by the way, We've written down that vet appointment to get anal glands squeezed in our own excuse books. Thanks!

Deb & Bev

BeaderBubbe said...

Men are like that....but when daughter calls, he runs....think its a father/daughter thing....but enjoy it because the years go by too fast and isnt that what we are here for.. to help our kids.....I have 5, so busy we are....but its a good busy. Relationships are built on communication....enjoy.

Karen said...

Oh dear. Maybe you could limit her to a move every 2 years or she has to do it on her own? Yeah, I realize that isn't going to happen. Next time you could say you're still in traction from the last move and can't lift anything heavy yet.