Monday, November 1, 2010

Today was a pretty good day. It started cold and ended cold but was comfy in the middle. The sky was a gorgeous blue as you will see in the pics.

I just got in and am whooped so this is going to be a bit short on words.

This is my newest piece of equipment I developed. We are trying it for the first in the field today. The jury is still out right now but the first sample I cut out went well

This Is the area I was working in. We were up about 50 feet. Nope thats not me.

We have a great view from the scaffolding.

Glad I dont Have to climb up there.

I never dreamed I would ever post my pic but here ya go. My cheeks are beet red from the cold wind. The hard hat aint warm but I have a fleece do-rag. Coverall and layers help.

Tommorrow may be my last day. We work in the penthouse. It aint what ya think. LOL


J.J. in L.A. said...

You're one tall dude! ; ) But you've inspired me. I wonder how a wheelchair shadow would look? Hmm...

Since I'm new around these parts, what is it you do, again? lol!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I have great respect for those that work outdoors - whether it be winter or summer. My "hard" hat comes off to you this morning...

bunny said... long as your comfy in the middle...that's all that counts...
This pic of you reminds me of Orsen Wells in "Citizen Kane"...and don't ask me why...i don't know, i have to think on that

hurry up and go home


Anonymous said...

Love the self-portrait. And look! There IS a tiny bit of color in those trees in the background. Right?