Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sticks And Stones

We battled ants this year. They came in the front door. I sprayed so they came in the back door. I sprayed again. They came in the upstairs hall bath. I sprayed so they moved to the master bath. I sprayed again. I decided to take the battle to them. I sprayed the perimeter of the house and the yard and the woods. According to the experts it was because it was extra wet this spring. Then it got dry and according to the experts they were coming in to get water.

EXPERT, Lets break it down. Pronounced: Ex – Spurt, EX Means Has been, Spurt is a big drip under pressure.

Well back to the other pests, the ants. When they came into the bedroom the wife went to Lowes and spoke with their lawn person. He recommended “TERRO Ant Killer”.

It is a liquid bait system and you put a drop on little cardboard squares along their little parade route. They take it back to the nest and they all die prolly from obesity because they love this stuff. It must be like trying to walk by the Funnel Cakes at the fair. They line up around the edges like cattle around a watering hole. The Lowes guy said it worked on all kinds of ants. Boy was he right.

The stuff appears to work as long as you keep the goo coming. I am not sure if it is actually killing the ants or if they left all pissed off at being called names.


J.J. in L.A. said...

We use some chalk-type stuff that works really well. Mark the wall that the ants are climbing on and watch them fall off once they encounter it.

It's pretty entertaining.

MJenks said...

If you're spraying that stuff while trying to rid yourself of ghost ants, be sure not to cross the streams.


Right then. I'll show myself out.

karen said...

For several years in a row we had those teeny, tiny sugar ants. Haven't had them this year, yet. They made me crazy.

bunny said...

If it's not marching ants, it's dieing bees.