Friday, December 3, 2010

What Flicks Your Bic??

The Thanksgiving Meal didnt do it.

Getting the tree set up didnt do it either.

Shopping on Saturday after Thanksgiving wasnt even close.

Then Wednesday afternoon it hit me. It's Christmas time. What was the thing that set off the Christmas in me? I bit into a yogurt covered pretzel and the flavor rang them old jingle bells in my brain. It was kinda odd how it happened. Then this morning it was reinforced when I heard Alabama sing "Christmas In Dixie". When I got to work I fired up Porky Pig's " Blue Christmas". If you've never heard it, it is worth your while. LOL

What's the things that suddenly says it is Christmas time to you??


J.J. in L.A. said...

I love Porky Pig's "Blue Christmas"! Cracks me up every time!!!

And I don't actually like Christmas, so all I feel is relief when it's over. lol!

bunny said...

When I become a bakin' fool...which were these past few days....I don't even keep it...I give it to neighbors and friends because it makes me happy to see other people happy....pretty sappy huh?
I gotta feeling we're not talking about Looney tunes "porky pig" Christmas...but that would be

off to bake some persimmon bread....yummmmm!!


Anonymous said...

Hearing my favorite Christmas song: Montgomery Gentry's Merry Christmas from the Family.

And making my mom's "pink dip" for the kids to snack on.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

I dunno. It hasn't hit yet. The tree is up. The lights are up. I'm gonna make cookies next weekend with the grands. I guess it's when I buy the first present that actually goes under the tree. I think a tree without presents is just not a Christmas Tree until then.......

Travel & Dive Girl said...

It will feel like Christmas once my baby boy is home from school for the holidays. It just doesn't seem the same without him.