Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's A Reason They Don't Call Me Smooth

Well, Actually there are several. And that was before todays fiasco.

The day started good. I got up, Showered and shaved. I left home for the airport on time. Caught the right shuttle. Checked in and moved right thru security with nary a glitch. All things good pretty much ended there.

I waited till a few minutes to loading to go to the restroom. As I am heading in I hear, " Sir, Sir!!" I turn around. Sir Thats the ladies room. I look up. I had turned in about 2 feet too quick.

I get on the plane. I wanted an aisle seat but I can live with a window seat. Two things didnt work well with this. This was a 4hr and something flight and the very nice lady on the aisle just had knee replacemant and barely got in the seat. Soooo, My teeth were floating on arrival. I did find the correct gender bathroom first shot this time.

I had found and scheduled a shuttle to pick me up. I had a minimal wait but as I was getting in the van the dude slammed the door on my foot. It aint broke but it still hurts.

The shuttle dropped me off at the hotel and left. I walked in to a truly nice receptionist and it was actually her face on the Hotel website. Things is lookin up. Reservations for Simply Suthern? Uh, Crickets. None here. I called the advanced crew. Oh we forgot to tell you we changed. SWEEEEEET, Thanks guys. Well, Like I said the receptionist was really nice and called the other hotel and the manager came and got me in his pickup.

When I got the the correct hotel they declined my card. What?? Seems I ran out of credit. Well I fixed that, Kinda.

I aint ate since 7 AM and on my watch it was 5 PM so I thought Hey. Since I have no wheels I will run across 8 lanes of traffic to the "In N Out Burger. I found out after ordering that they dont take my card. OK so I pay with my other. Dining in? Yep. Well here is your ticket. Your order number is 13. Great. Well I aint real superstitious but the way the day has gone I was a bit nervous to play Frogger back across those eigth lanes. But I survived.

So that is my day. Tomorrow, if I wake up and they want me on site I will be climbing on scaffolding in my harness. I hope today is done and over.

Sweet Dreams Y'all


My Aimless Infatuation said...

Bless your little pea-pickin' heart,you had one of my days. I'm hoping tomorrow is better and sweet dreams to you too.

bunny said...

I hate when that happens. Sometimes you just have to laugh about it...or blog about it.
Tomorrows a new day...hopefully with new scaffolding.


karen said...

Frogger. Just the vision of it made me giggle.

As I've aged my fear of heights has increased. Could not even watch a video of a guy climbing on of those radio towers without feeling ill.

At least you'll have a harness.

Stay safe.

J.J. in L.A. said...

At least your day ended with an In-n-Out...even if you did have to weave through 16 lanes of traffic.

What did ya think of it?