Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's in your Head?

The call comes. Dad, I am at Autozone, What kind of oil do I need for my car. Now that’s makes a dad really proud even tho I will be the one changing it. Oh that’s Pennzoil High Mileage 5W-30. It’s in a 5 quart container. What kind of oil filter do I need? Oh that’s a Fram PH 3387A. The wife’s van uses a PH16. My old Z car used a PH2450. Why do I know this? I have a thing for numbers. I still remember part numbers from machines I worked on 30 yrs ago and don’t tell the wife but my old girl friends number(no I don’t call). Past addresses, phone numbers, and dimensions of parts I made a long time ago still hold spaces in my noggin. Wooohooooo, My mind is a trap. Then the wife calls, Did you pick up little A at her friends?? Uhhh no. Did you get your prescription filled?? Uhhh No Did you pick up the dog food at the vet?? Uhhhh No Crap. I am not totally forgetful, I do remember to brush my teeth and shower in the morn, but I have headed off to work without shaving and my glasses and my work laptop a couple times too. I think I need to dump and defrag to make room for more current useful things. What fills your head??


My Aimless Infatuation said...

I have this crazy brain that remembers everyone's stuff but mine.......guess I have been a wife and Mother too long. I really need to work on this since my children have long been on their own and I am now a widow. Old habits die hard. Have a good one.

Wild and Precious said...

saw your comment on Let's have a Cocktail and thought I'd pop over to say hi!
i'd love for you to visit my blog too! I have a giveaway going on that I think you might like.

Mrsblogalot said...

I can't remember yesterday. Oh wait, yesterday I was in my car on a hill and put the emergency brake on but forgot to put the car in park.

See? I remember!

Me....bunny said...

I'm every mans enemy...I remember everything, but I'm anal retentive and highly organized too..I'm just sayin'

You crack me up!


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Well, the obvious solution is to have some sort of complex number for all chores. Picking up kids? PIK3389. Glasses? GLS2020.