Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's In "A" Name

Just a tad about my kids. I have 4, 3 girls and 1 boy. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to name them all starting with the Letter A. Well it didn’t start like that. The oldest was named after the wife. She was known by her second name and I liked her first name so we agreed on that. She tells everyone I just blurted it out in the hospital but that aint true. We went round and round over the son’s name. My dad and her dad combo, William Robert, Nope, down south that’s Billy Bob and even being a bit rednecked I ain’t doing that to him. The rest of the male family names to choose from, Willard, Millard, Zimmie, Roscoe, Rufus, Clinton, and Horatio. We were screwed so we picked a non-family name that happened to start with an A. We discussed whether to name him the full version or nickname and we picked the full. Everyone calls him by his nickname. The next girl arrived and we thought well, we have two “A’s” and she might feel left out if we don’t use an”A” name so we did. We had kinduv picked a name and while still in the hospital wifey shared it with her sis. Sis proceeds to say it was a silly name and the wife having postpartum depression after all the kids births breaks down. We leave the hospital with “Baby Girl L” on the birth certificate. Thanks sis in law. We go through the “A” list again and decide on an “A” name and then the discussion is whether we name her the full “A” name or the nickname version. We picked the nickname version and now of course everyone calls her the full version. Sheesh this is hard. Well, we was done having kids or at least we thought so but 10 years later I get the call. It was kinduva shock to say the least but we finally wrapped our heads around it and settled down. We were sitting around the kitchen table at dinner when we broke it to the other kids. The kids would be 16, 14 and 10 when she would be born. They looked stunned and one by one got up and left the table without saying a word. It was a bit surreal. The baby was actually due on the soon to be 16 yr olds B’day. It worked out to be pretty cool because the oldest had her learners permit and she chauffeured the wife around town. We had a Sweet 16 party planned and she was not a happy camper that the wife was due any minute. The wife took her out shopping to calm her down. Amazing how that works, Huh? The little one was born exactly a week later. Oh crap we have to name this one too? “A” name or do we start with the “B’s” this time? Oh heck no she tells me we ain’t starting nothing, you are getting fixed. So it will be an “A”. It really weren’t that big of a deal to find a name prior to going to the hospital and making it clear with the sis in law that I didn’t want to hear one crack. Big sis was there to cut the cord and now she works in the birthing unit at the same hospital. Now the thing is when we holler for one of the kids you stumble down the list before getting to the one you want. All the big kids now work and are dating or starting college. Little A and I were home alone the other Saturday and we headed to Mickey D’s for breakfast. She informed me while we ate that she needed to get a boyfriend and a job. Lot’s of pressure for a 7 yr old.

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