Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Need CPR Can I Help

I look forward to taking Little A to the ball field for practice. I played softball for years and I have been helping the coaches and working with the girls. At the field tonite, one of the girls asked me to throw with her. We threw for about 15 minutes warming up when the coach called everyone in. The girl’s mom asked her if she was warmed up and she said yes, she was throwing with the old guy. Wha… ??? You should have seen the mom’s and coach’s faces. The apologies started flowing. It was pretty funny. I ain’t no spring chicken, I’m 50. My glove is older than most of the moms there. I have 3 older kids ( 23, 21, 17) and Little A (7) was the late surprise. It didn’t bother me a lick but it was a bit of a surprise. When she was first born we had folks at church ask us if we were playing grandma and grandpa this weekend. I about threw him off the balcony. I handle it a lot better now. Have your kids ever said anything to give you that OH NO moment?


Pearl said...

Pretty close to 50 myself. :-)

My son once ordered "fried hot dogs and chicken bung" at a restaurant when he was about four and then laughed hysterically. I have no idea what it meant, have never heard it again, but I still think about it.


They're little weirdos, aren't they?!


KaLynn said...

When I was turning 50, I had the grands in the back seat and they asked me how old I was going to be. I told them 50, they turned to each other and snickered and said Boy Mimi you're OOOOOLD! I pretended to cry. Which made them laugh.

Me....bunny said...

In a very loud voice in a very public place my then 5 year old daughter asked me if her boobies were gonna be as big as mine were?
I told yes if she was lucky..no if she continued to yell.


Simply Suthern said...

@ Me....Bunny So if I met your daughter now I would know if she was a quiet one or a yeller? Thanks for visiting.

Mrsblogalot said...

The biggest recent OH NO moment was the other day when my son asked me..

'Mom, you know what's so bad about dying?'

'No. What?'

'That you never ever wake up.'

Probably not as bad as a fart in church but still left my mouth hanging open (-: