Monday, March 8, 2010

Now Thats Rac'in

A friend of mine is President of the local ASNT Chapter. For their monthly meeting they scheduled a tour of The Joe Gibbs Racing Facility. He had extra tickets so I was invited to attend. I am a big NASCAR fan having lived near the heart of the racing Series all my life. I am also a machinist and a shadetree mechanic as well so I was excited to get to go. I was not disappointed. Inside the front door is a display area where they have the trophies and show cars from each team. Downstairs they have all the cars being prepped for the next race as well as the cars from last weeks race being evaluated. The prep room was wall to wall cars in various stages of assembly. Next stop was the machine shop. No cost spared there. The shop runs 22hrs a day. They machine 3200 different parts for the cars. We also visited the Dyno area where they test the rear ends and gearing. They have a table they set the car on that will simulate any track. I knew a lot went into preparing a car for race day but they have some amazing tools to get the job done. If you are interested and get the chance I would recommend it.

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I can see where that would be really interesting!