Friday, April 2, 2010

Was Mom Wrong?

This morning I was thinking, “I hate being me”. There are folks here at work that tend to take advantage of my willingness to help out at the expense of my own projects and I have problems saying NO. I was raised to be courteous, helpful and respectful of others. It was always put the other person first and it was helping the company out. It is also a Biblical principle. Recently I read an article on AOL titled “On the job, Nice guys may finish last”. I can look back and see how it has prolly hindered my professional progress in the past. I have always been of the opinion that “I don’t have to play all the games as long as I know the rules”. Turns out that maybe I should have played the games. I went into the boss’s office this morning to tell him about the article and announced that I was going to be more assertive and not so willing to bail folks out of their own messes. He kinda looked at me and then I said, SORRY. Sorry??? Crap, I can’t even pretend to be tough. He got a good laugh. I walked off shaking my head. So, I guess I am who I am and that’s all I’ll ever be. That kinda sounds like a song. For the big picture mom was right. Just not at work I spose. Nice guys may finish last but in the end I’ll still be a nice guy. Ya’ll have a wonderful day.


Me....bunny said...

If it's not in you to be the "looking out for only me" kinda guy, then your right. You is what you is. You and There is nutin' wrong with being nice and helping others out...In my opinion, it'll all come back to you in the end.
Have a great weekend and holiday!

The Empress said...

I feel the same way. But we are who we are..