Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh, That’s Gross or 2002: Running Out of Space Odyssey

We were done with having kids, we thought. We had 3 and we were happily moving on with life, school, scouts, softball, and learner’s permits. We were in a small 3 bedroom and already had the girls stacked in bunks like cordwood. The youngest was 9 when IT happened but had been asking and praying for a baby sister for years. I got the call at work in 2002 and we were at the dinner table the night we announced we were having another baby to the youngins. The kids just got up one by one and left the table without saying a word. It was quiet and a bit surreal. Well the baby came and was loved but when things came up we jokingly blamed the youngest because she was the one that kept begging for a sister.

Well one day she came home from school proclaiming that Little A wasn’t her fault at all. She saw a film at school today and it weren’t her fault, it was mom and dads and it was gross. I guess the secret is out.


My Aimless Infatuation said...

Now that's funny! Shame on you Mom and Dad.

Me....bunny said...

...Now the fun begins...good luck, I have two daughters.