Saturday, November 2, 2013

Get Outa Town

Thing were crazy here the last couple days. Working some OT to get a blade scanner reconfigured and out the door. Completed some side work and delivered it. Moving daughter, again.

The youngest is done with cheering the football games for this season so this morning we went to her 1st Cheerleading competition. I obviously didn't watch the movie "Bring It On" enuff. Especially the competition part of it. I was not prepared. Anyways we finished that and then went to move the oldest daughters washer and dryer.

I am whooped. So whats a guy do to rest? Hit the road Jack.

We got home late so now I am packing. I fly out tomorrow morning for Buffalo, NY. Balmy destinations are options this time of year in the industry but I didn't get to pick. I should be there about 4 days. The forecast for tonight? 60% chance of snow.

I've never been there. Any suggestion for food joints??

Y'all have a nice Sunday.



Juli said...

Never been either. Sorry. If it helps though, they've predicted snow for us already as well... it's been 71 and rainy.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Buffalo is a pretty bid place, but I'm sure you should be able to find an awesome wing place.

I'll be at the airport there on Friday. It's cheaper to cross the border and fly out from there.

Stay warm...

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Big place...geesh. This daylight savings time is killing me.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Buffalo SS, but ask at the hotel, they always know where to go. Stay warm!!!

Chrissy Starr said...

Cheerleading competitions are pretty intense. Toddlers and Tiaras on steroids. Buffalo is like Cleveland. I'm sure you found some great local joints.