Sunday, November 10, 2013

Arrrrrrg Gimmee That Booty

I have mentioned before that Little A made the Pirates cheer squad for football at Middle School this year.

Soooooooooooo!! Here we go.

The girls did well at the football games this year. We met the other parents and as a parent you had to do time in the concession shack for one game. Luckily the nite I worked slinging hot dogs it was cool because it was really hot inside over the grill. 

The girls spent long days at the dance studio and practiced hard after school. We had a good time attending the games. The cheerleaders always put on a good show.

But we didn't always get to see it.
This couple showed up at half time. I was a bit ticked. But they were elderly and the sun was really hot. Luckily our team never got near midfield and lost by a bunch. So we could see them stuck down near their own 20 yard line.

I also mentioned last post that they competed in a Cheer Competition last week.

It was the local county cheer championship. I was not prepared for the parents of one team. We sat dead center of the gym then they filled in around us. Then one woman started passing out cowbells to the team parents. It was loud and a bit annoying but they did cheer for every other team as well.

All the teams did well. Some were better than others. A few drops here and there. In the end the Pirates cheered their way to 2nd place. Good job girls.

Well now I am going to mention that this weekend they competed in the Cheer Sport Championship.

It was downtown. I don't like going downtown, but getting in and out weren't too bad. There were a billion girls and most girls had two parents there plus some siblings. That makes like a gazillion people with spirit. But that was brought back down by the event staff that was hired from Grumpy Guards R US. I know they were there to keep the girls safe but hey dudes, Cheer up.

While the County competition was good the Regional brought in some much better teams. Our team changed their routine to move up a notch because they didn't have anyone to compete with at their level. My girl weren't thrilled because they had only practiced it twice.

In the end the Pirates were able to pull off 1st place with an energetic and almost flawless routine. We did not win the overall session. An older team did that with a pretty amazing routine. Congrats to the Pirates coaches.

Now a shout out to the Routines that brought the house down. Two All Star teams with special athletes came in to compete. They were comprised of physically and developmentally challenged kids. When they hit the stage their faces lit up and they were ready to roll, literally as the routine included wheel chairs and tumbling. Some kids did their on moves while some performers required someone to stay with them throughout to help and guide them through the steps. Major kudos to those people that made the commitment to help bring that joy to these kids. Amazing job kids.

If you had ever told me I would enjoy going to a cheer competition I would have laughed. But I admit I did.

Great Job everyone.


Juli said...

That is awesome!! Though I must admit, I'm glad for boys... no dance lessons or cheer leading.

Course, I am gonna freeze my butt off selling Christmas trees for boy scouts in about a month...

Simply Suthern said...

Juli, I've done the Cub/Boy Scout thing too.
This has been fun for me regardless of my preconceptions of what it would be like. Girl stuff is fun too. Except for the shopping part.

Anonymous said...

SS Cheer competitions are hugely popular where I am, too. My girls were never into cheering so I haven't had the pleasure of attending a competition but I've always enjoyed a good half-time show.

Slick said...

Well, CONGRATS to the kids, coaches and staff! One of the joys of being Grandma is that all I have to do is show up for games here and there, and fork over $$ when they sell stuff.

Glad you had fun!!!

Simply Suthern said...

Thank you Slick, I've got the going to games and buying stuff down pat already.

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