Monday, April 9, 2012

Simply Walking On The Wild Side

I am hoping all y'all had a wonderful Easter Holiday. It was good here. Everyone headed over to my parents house for lunch. Lots of food, lots of chatting and lots of family pics. We came home and headed over to the wifes moms. It was an OK visit as she has pretty much forgotten anything that has happened in the last month. I need to update you guys on the bro in law. I'll try to get that done soon.

I took vacation time Friday and Monday. Vacation? Well, lets see. Friday I cleaned out the Garage and today I put the awning up over the deck and dug up a stump. I am a really fun guy. Heading in to work today to get some rest.

Saturday however I did something I have never done. I took the little one to the nail salon to have her toenails done and while there I got a Pedi as well. Dont tell nobody but I think I am hooked. The little one loved it and tried to get bunnies painted on my toes but I had to hang on to my dignity. I did agree to clear polish.

I will defintiely be doing that again.

Y'all have a great week.


joanne said...

see all the great girly stuff you've been missing out on??! Glad you had a nice Easter. get some rest at work tomorrow!

bunny said...

HA! I knew you were a
What? food fight at the MIL house?

happy for your good Easter and happy feet...seriously!


Señorita Andalucíana said...

Glad you had a nice weekend and yes pedi's are awesome :)

Donna said...

you are my hero!! isn't it wonderful to have someone rub your feet?

Jolene said...

Good for you. Everyone needs a little pampering from time to time. And I bet your girl was
over-the-moon happy with her pedi.

Glad you've had a nice Easter and vacation :)

ipenka said...

Glad to hear you had a good Easter.

Better be careful where you fall asleep. Your little one might paint the bunny anyway!

Chrissy said...

It's takes quite a man to admit about the pedi. Don't worry, your secret it safe with me!

Chrissy said...

It's takes quite a man to admit about the pedi. Don't worry, your secret it safe with me!

Crystal Pistol said...

Good for you!!! Nothing better than a pedi!

I have taken my big gruff man with me to the salon before. He loves it but has very ticklish feet. He sits there giggling like a school girl. It is very funny to watch because he gets so embarrassed by his reaction.

Menopausal New Mom said...

That is so sweet of you :) What a great dad, too bad some of the guys from work hadn't been walking by to see you there Lol!

Have a great weekend!

Juli said...

I would love it if Tony went and had his toes done. Seriously. Those things are nasty.

Not So Simply Single said...

OMG! So good for you! You are becoming a metrosexual!