Friday, August 19, 2011

Overheard on the Airplane

Back in May I was on the way home from Denver and had a layover in Houston. The flight was delayed a couple hours due to storms in the area.

After waiting we finally boarded the plane. I was sitting in the 2nd row of a too small plane when the crew started the departure speeches. Suddenly the Pilot came out of the cabin reopened the hatch and started berating the ground crew.

"Why didnt you put fuel in my dang plane?" Well maybe he didnt exactly say "dang".

Good Catch there Mr. Pilot.


Julianna said...

Um. I'm sorry? You STAYED on the plane after that?

Just another reason I want to get my pilot's license and fly myself. :)

jojo said...

well how sad, scary, weird is that? Glad you had a safe trip home!

bunny said...

I would have high tailed it off the plane had I heard that. Obviously you made it home alright...probably white knuckled it all the


Val said...

Whoa. That's scary.
I've never actually thought about that before. Next time I fly, I'll be wondering if the plane is full. :-(

Crystal Pistol said...

I would have a had an absolute FIT! How very scary!

Pearl said...

That's right up there with "OK! So who knows how to get to where we're going?!"


Chrissy said...

LOL! That's why HE'S the pilot..

Not So Simply Single said...

WTF? Are you freaking kidding me! I am glad you are alright or I would have had to have some heads rolling!

And they say blondes are stupid! PFSST!

I will bitch slap them all for you!


ipenka said...

Haha. Way to instill confidence in the passengers.

I guess it was a good thing he discovered it then rather than an "uh oh..." midflight!