Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to Eat Crow

I like my crow warm, fried if possible, so here it is.

A while back I whined about being nominated for an award only to be told they may decide not to give it out this year. I said it then and I stand by it now, I would understand it completely. My beef was the way it was presented to me but after y'alls kind words and thinking about it I realized I should have just been thankful for the recognition.

I do really appreciate you guys.

Fast forward to today. I booked my tickets and room for next week. Seems I am getting the award after all. Kinda embarassing now.

Problem is I have to go to a meeting in Denver to get it. Standing in front of folks, especially boss men, aint my thing. I couldnt talk them into sending it here.

I guess ya just cant make me happy. LOL


Karen said...

Good for you! (Even though I'm completely with you on the standing up in front of people thing.)

Go get that award. You deserve it.

Julianna said...

Congrats on the award. And hello? Free trip to Denver? Yeah!

I also won several awards when I worked for Warner Brothers. I loved the free trip to Cali, but I could have done without having some B list actor giving me an award and the long walk across the stage. :)

Not So Simply Single said...

Gosh, you almost sound like a whining woman, don't frighten me...

Good luck with whatever happens!


bunny said...

Get used to it, next thing you know, you'll be excepting an award on Father's Day and giving a speech over breakfast in bed...lol

have fun with your machinery stuff!


Donna said...

brush your teeth, stand up straight and smile!! We don't get enough awards...so enjoy, you may never get another one

Chrissy said...

I know I'm way late, but congratulations! I could never even stand in front of a crowd until I started taking my crazy pills.

Now, I think I might even be able to dance. (wink wink...)