Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On The Road Again

This blog finds me in St Louis. So far all I have seen is highways and traffic.

The trip started out with a delayed flight. Not sure why I was excited to finally get on this plane. During the flight instructions they mentioned the seat cushions were flotation devices. There is no way the bricks I was sitting on would float.

Tomorrow I will be pulling samples from the bore of a turbine we are inspecting. The last time I did this was a nightmare. Since then I have rebuilt the unit and had new cutters made so I hope this one goes better. We will know tomorrow nite how well it goes.

Time to go to bed. 5:45 comes early.


bunny said...

Pulling samples from the bore of a turbine? Sounds dangerous....like sticking your had down the garbage disposal...you know it's off, but it could magically start up...lol

Take pics...wanna see that big arch thingy..lol


Not So Simply Single said...

Have a nice trip....

See you when you get back!


Karen said...

You seem to travel alot. Good luck on this trip!