Sunday, February 20, 2011

Work it Baby!!

I meet people all the time that are not doing what they like or just hate their job for one reason or another. I have been blessed most of my life(Even the chicken frying and concrete pouring days had their purpose) with a job that was challenging and fulfilling. Being able to take a design from conception thru prototyping to machining to working model is my favorite thing. And when they actually work it’s always a plus. I can proudly say I LOVE my job.

Even then, occasionally, I see folks doing jobs that I would like to do even if it’s only for a day. Today I drove by a construction site where they were setting steel. I was the crane operator at my old job. I would love to be in that crane seat swinging those beams and assembling the building like a big erector set.

Questions for you.
Do you like your job?
What would you do if you had your choice?
Even if you like your job what would you like to do for a day?


Not So Simply Single said...

Okay, so here's the deal...

I love what I do...facials.

The corporation and some of the managers I have...well, for the most part are alright.....but there are a few of my managers....


What I would love to do is write books all night and play all day.

Shop, lunch, movie, walk on the beach. Shop, dinner, dancing...and some ah, yeah, sex.

That would be a PERFECT day..

sweating at the thought of the sex....been a while...

bye bye

Simply Suthern said...

Lisa, You seem to be a people person so the Facial thing seems a good fit for you. Hard to get more face to face with someone than that. If I had to write it would be a dang short story. I can barely caption a picture. LOL

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

I like my job ok. I love working for my boss. I started out in accounting and have been added to the sales team and have become our marketing director, along with the accounting. Accounting is fairly easy for me. Customers are great to work with. I get to go visit some this summer. Which I am looking forward to and then scared to death! Big cities and me are not always kosher!!

If I had a choice AND could make money, I would be an artist full time. I love to draw, paint and play in clay. I think welding metal art would also be a blast.

If I wasn't so old, I would have gone back to school for an landscape architect degree instead of accounting. But that degree is full time for about 6-8 years. An accounting degree is 4..

For a day-hm. don't know. Play in clay! Learn to make pots on the wheel!

Thanks for letting me sound off! Cheers my friend!

bunny said...

When I was a little girl I my dream job would be a gift wrapper @JC Penny's...then while being a teen, the thought of being a Hotel Concierge was the goal...

fell into the Optomety business and became an Optician for over 20 years...loved it but near the end I became tired of the public.

Now...I'm a teacher's Aid at a middle school and I love it. I actually love this age group...yeah yeah, I know they're gross sometimes.
I also organized peoples homes and get paid for it...I LOVE TO ORGANIZE.

If were dreaming I'd say be creative with my mix media art and get paid for it. All said...I'm a happy camper


Simply Suthern said...

When my oldest daughter was little she said when she grew up she wanted to dance on tables in resturants. So we were excited when she got older that she decided to work on an operating table instead.

Some dreams are just best let go of. LOL

Mrsblogalot said...

My job works for now. I'm not chained to a desk or anything but if I had my choice, I'd love to write....


...oh, and get paid for it (-:

That would be my dream job even if only for a day.

Karen said...

I am an administrative assistant/office manager. Love it. Always have.

To be a professional chef for a day would be totally wonderful. The school was too expensive for me, now I get to hear stories from my son who is in the kitchen professionally.

One day. It would be great.