Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cats Too? Or Cat Stew?

I don’t particularly care for cats. My wife has 2 so I tolerate them. I think they know I don’t like them a lot so they tend to lay on me and rub my leg to aggravate me. I have cleaned up more hairballs than I like and if you have never had a cat don’t be fooled, it looks nothing like a ball. They drive me nuts but never have they driven me to the point that Gary Korkuc went to.

Police in Buffalo, NY pulled him over for running a stoplight. They then discovered a live cat in the trunk marinating in oil and peppers. Seems the cat was a bit too unruly so he decided to eat it. I have seen construction workers heat their food on hot vehicle engines but I have never seen a recipe that calls for driving around with the dish in the trunk first. So far he is charged with cruelty to animals and has been released. Still pending is the decision to charge him with not using the traditional Buffalo Sauce and the Health Department is looking to place a “D” Sanitation Grade on his car.

The cat, Navarro, was taken to the SPCA where he was checked out and cleaned up. He was put up for adoption and rumor has it that several restaurants have shown interest.

Just Kidding.

He was actually adopted and given a new name. The new owner calls him Oliver. No comment if that came from the Olive oil smell.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

ROFLMAO!!! "don't be fooled, it looks nothing like a ball"

I don't particularly care for cats either, but tolerate them - we have one as well. I'm not sure who he belongs too anymore...

bunny said...

I also have two cats... but I, unlike lots of PETA extremists, like a good cat meal about fast

have a good one~


Karen said...

That guy is a nut case.

My sister had 2 cats when she and her first husband got married. He barely tolerated them. They knew he didn't like them and would use his shoes as their litter box.

Since none of us liked him either we were always on the side of the cats.

Pearl said...

Simply, you got me laughing.

I love my kitties, but I never let that stand in the way of a good story.



Donna said...

one day I looked outside my bedroom and entire family of cats were living in my block wall. And entire family! They were of course feral, and not the least bit interested in any of us real humans....but they stayed without a reservation....and then after a few days checked out....without even bothering to communicate with us....cats are so strange.

Mrsblogalot said...

Haaaa!....a few restaurants have shown interest!!! HAA!!

My cat had better watch himself!