Thursday, December 19, 2013

What's My Name??

I love to sing. Especially Christmas songs. And especially the Christmas classics we sang at Church.

However, I am not so big on "Little Drummer Boy" that they seem to play every freak'in 15 minutes between Thanksgiving and Christmas. "Feliz Navidad" is getting on may last nerve a well. But I digress.

One Christmas season I joined a group from Church to go caroling at the children's center not far from the Church. As we sang one young lady walked over to me and grabbed my leg. One of the counselors came over and took her back to her chair. She came back. He drug her back. She tried to come back again. He held her and she struggled to get free again the whole time we sang. After we finished one of the counselors told me I looked a lot like her dad. It kinda shook me up.

The next year we traveled to the Thompson Center retirement home. We start singing and one of the ladies grabbed my arm. Then she asked me, "What's my name?". Well, I didn't know her name.  She asked me again, and again, and again, each time getting louder and more forceful. Finally a worker pryed her fingers from my arm and calmed her. I never did get her name but I didn't go back either.

If someone comes to your house to sing carols, Know this, It aint me.

Sad to say but I haven't been Christmas caroling since.


joanne said...

haven't heard either of those two songs on the radio here but I am getting a little freakin' tired of 'g'ma got run over by the reindeer.' Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm sorry that happened to you. Think of it this way: It is good blog material! And maybe you are giving people something they need at the time? Or maybe it is just too freakin' draining and you should stay home. Tell you what, give it some thought and decide next year:-) Personally, Drummer Boy is my favorite. Pa rump a pum pum.

Simply Suthern said...

CC, I have nothing against the Drummer Boy, I spose it is one of the classics. But it just seems to be played soooooooo often.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I LOVE to sing, but no one likes to hear me do it, so I sing in my car. That's my "me" time.

If I hear Santa Baby one more time - I'm going over the edge!

Merry Christmas!

Beatriz said...

Never liked the Little Drummer Boy but I truly detested Feliz Navidad! When you are the only Hispanic child in an elementary class in the 80's it was assumed this must be your anthem. Guess what I was always asked to sing?

Juli said...

I'm not big on caroling myself... but I do have random children trying to come home with me. What can I say, I'm everybody's momma.

MrsBlogAlot said...

Hey Suth!!

As long as nobody puts out a Little Drummer Boy rap song, I think we'll all be okay. Ugh, imagine?

Thanks so much for popping in! Best wishes to you and your family for 2014!! (-:

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, SS!

Slick said...

The little girl would have broken my heart, and I'm sad to admit the elderly lady might have freaked me out----I've been grabbed like that before.

I used to sing in the church choir. The only requirement was that I could make sounds and get into the choir loft without too much help.

I gave true meaning to the phrase "Joyful Noise".