Friday, September 27, 2013

Playing Hide the Potty

Early this week this week the wife was having some medical issues and her doc sent her to the ER. There she had to drink some crappy contrast dyes and was hooked to an IV. As we all know, what goes in has to, well....... so she had to grab the back of the less than modest hospital gown and sprint down the hall to the nearest bathroom hoping it wasn't occupied. After a stint in the ER she was moved to an observation room. It was a smallish room and immediately after arriving she panicked after realizing the toilet was missing .
Or was it??

The nurse was quick to introduce us to the Swiss Army Knife of hospital room cabinets.
There are curtains that pull around for privacy.

The upper left door also houses a small shower head.

Never found the button that exposed a shower drain.
BTW she is doing well.


Beatriz said...

Hope she is doing well! Although cool bathroom :)

joanne said...

that is hilarious! Probably not so much when you are in a panic about getting there in time. Glad she is doing better.

Slick said...

I feel qualified to speak for those of us with bladder issues:

DO NOT HIDE THE TOILET! If you do, you will be sorry, and so will I.

Never saw a set-up like that! COOL!

Good to hear that your wife is okay!

Juli said...

I'm glad she's doing well and clearly this is not a concern for your wife... but I have to wonder... normal toilets are only weighed for up to 300lbs... what if there's a really heavy person in the room? Hate to think of what would happen if it didn't make the weight limit, particularly since there's no drain in the room. :(

Sadly, these are the things I think about...

Anonymous said...

Hi SS, I'm sorry to hear your wife has been ill. I'm glad she's doing ok. My son recently had to do what sounds like a similar test. He is still complaining about the stuff t hey made him drink! (and he is doing well also)

MsNscr said...

That's an AWESOME bathroom sink/toilet/shower/sink set up.

Glad your wife is okay. Hope it wasn't something too bad. :-)